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Shantina Lynet’ and G.O.L. Give Unique Musical Experience



Written by: Julz Mancini

Many artists are typically surrounded by music of different genres during childhood in which assists them in developing their own creative vision. Utilized as a form of expression, music embraces the souls of many giving birth to musicians whom want nothing more than to shine in the spotlight and be recognized for their gift. 

Shantina Lynet’, a Chicago native, formed her unique skills due to her passion and surroundings of musically inclined individuals, molding her into the successful artist she is today. Being musically trained since the early age of four, Shantina was destined to be an established artist. Influenced by her family, church, and other genres of music, Shantina formed a distinctive sound and writing technique, setting her apart from others. 

As a member of The Lowe Sisters, a singing trio consisting of her sisters, Shantina experienced show business at an early age. Traveling throughout the nation and blessing stages with her talent, Shantina quickly realized that the stage was her home. During her sophomore year in high school, she added acting and competitive public speaking to her list of attributes. 

Due to her keen ear and musicianship, it is no surprise that Shantina also possessed leadership qualities as she directed choirs in church, high school, and college. She received her Bachelor’s degree in theatre and film from West Illinois University in December 2017. Accomplishing this goal furthered her experience and knowledge of the entertainment industry, preparing her for a long, successful music career. 

While in college, Shantina released her debut EP, “#Stuvibes”, which introduced her vocal and writing abilities to the world. Since then, she has went on to release several singles such as, “Ain’t Ready”, “Force of Nature”, and “WYA”, all of which helped her obtain a strong presence within the music scene. In 2019 Shantina released her first album, “10,000 Hours”, luring in more followers and listeners. 

Two of her latest singles, “SEXC” (produced by her younger brother Kameron Lowe), and “Face It” featuring R&B artist and fellow Chicago native, Franchika, have hit her audience by surprise as they apprehensively await her next release. Shantina has a dynamic sound and musical approach, intriguing onlookers whom transition into loyal fans. 

Venues have demanded Shantina’s presence due to her enchanting voice. She has blessed the stage at numerous venues around Chicago including, The Elbo Room, Ph.D Pub, The Sandlot Wrigley, The Wire (of Berwyn), Stage 773, Bassline223, and The Promontory, to name a few. The house gets packed as audiences yearn for Shantina’s unique and energy filled stage presence. G.O.L., Shantina’s live band, accompanies her at each performance adding depth to her set. G.O.L. (Gang Over Luv) includes artists such as, St. Rose La Ferrari, Doni$, Axis, and Vez. Also playing a role in Shantina’s captivating sound are producers Devin “Nobi” Staples and Kameron Lowe. Each member adds depth to Shantina’s live experience, providing the audience with life-long memories. 

With all of the accolades Shantina and G.O.L. have obtained, they will undoubtedly continue to soar to higher peaks within their music careers. As they have become a household name in Chicago, it isn’t too long before their names are chanted worldwide. With their live performances, strong team, and consistent song releases, their audience is growing rapidly. To become part of their audience, please be sure to click on the links below!





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