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Slim 400 Investigation Underway, Tourists Warned By Rappers And Police Not To Visit LA



As violence in the city continues, so too does the Slim 400 murder investigation. TMZ reports that Slim 400’s murder comes down to “wrong place, wrong time”, via a police source. TMZ also obtained graphic security camera footage of murder. The rapper was treated on scene by paramedics, taken to area hospital and died soon afterwards of his wounds. No suspects have been named at this time.

Los Angeles, “The City of Angels?”

Reports say a feeling of unease is heavy in Los Angeles, California. Following the killing of Compton rapper Slim 400 (born Vincent Cohran) on Wednesday (December 8) in the City of Inglewood, LA, some big-name rappers are issuing warnings to those wanting to visit the City of Angels.

Los Angeles rappers The Game and G Perico have both voiced concerns. Rather, they’ve given their warnings. Writing on Instagram, The Game posted the following in his story:

“It’s all bad out here rn. Seem like every other day somebody passing away. Last time I saw you tho blood, it was love as usual ru. Rest easy pfonk @slim400blk.”

Yesterday, G Perico gave a simpler warning. On Twitter, his message was painfully short and cut to the point.

Joining the rappers in dolling out warnings is an LAPD detective. Jaimie McBride, director of the Los Angeles Police Protective League went on FOX News  last Tuesday (December 7) with a stark warning:

“We’re telling people, ‘don’t visit because we don’t think we can keep you safe right now.’”

It should be noted that McBride went on to criticize Governor Gavin Newsom, “progressive district attorneys”, and a litany of others for the crime rates in LA. He also compared the situation in LA to the 2013 movie The Purge.  And while there is certainly something to be said about the politics of fear being a mainstay for policing organizations and FOX News alike, this situation appears unique. For once, both rappers and police advocates appear to be on the same side.


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