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Slim Jxmmi, Of Rae Sremmurd, Arrested for Abuse Allegations Despite Girlfriend’s Denial



Tuesday, January 25th, Miami Dade Police Force arrested Slim Jxmmi (Aaquil Brown) for alleged abuse during a domestic violence dispute.

What Went Down Between Slim Jxmmi And His Girlfriend?

Reports state that Jxmmi and his girlfriend were engaged in a dispute following an inquisition into the rapper’s social media activities. TMZ reported that Slim Jxmmi assaulted his girlfriend after she inquired about a girl he was following on Twitter. Supposedly, nothing occurred at the time of the initial confrontation. The artist left the premises. However, he later returned inebriated, and things took a turn.

The Down And Dirty

XXL magazine cites Slim Jxmmi (Brown) grabbed his girlfriend’s hair so forcefully he ripped extensions from her scalp. Kee, the girlfriend, tried to get the altercation on tape. However, Brown disagreed. When Kee tried to barricade herself within a room, Brown reportedly kicked in the door. The incident ended with Kee’s phone tossed out of the window.

Are Slim Jxmmi’s Actions Abusive?

This sounds like domestic violence, especially being Brown ripped a track from Kee’s head. However, after Slim Jxmmi’s arrest, Kee posted to social media blaming the police for wrongful actions; in her words,

“Dade County, y’all are wrong for this. I told you guys he did not hit me. Every officer you guys had in my face are wrong for this. No one put hands on anybody; I stated it more than once.”

Kee’s statement is confusing, given the original account. Undoubtedly, Kee’s response left many people scratching their heads.

Questions Requiring An Answer

There are so many questions needing answers. For example, why would Kee attempt to record an incident that did not occur? How Kee’s tracks disappeared from her hair if Slim Jxmmi didn’t lay hands? And are the police pulling this information out of thin air? Finally, what about the footage on the phone? Would that footage counter her argument?

How Will The Slim Jxmmi And Kee’s Saga End?

This is an interesting question. We understand that more than enough conflicting information exists to keep us all confused. The authorities placed Brown on bond. However, XXL notes there is no confirmation whether Brown’s bond has been paid.

The drama is times ten with this story. No one knows how this will end. When FM Hip Hop finds out more, we will provide the coverage.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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