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Snoop Dogg Educates Boosie Badazz On Celebrating Independence Day



Snoop Boosie Instagram Conversation About Independence Day
Boosie Badazz. Image Source: Joe Murphy, NBAE, Getty Images.

On Jul. 4, Boosie Badazz took to social media, exposing his level of knowledge regarding Independence Day. While the topic of Independence Day and its implications for members of the Black Community has been a subject of debate for some years now, it appears Boosie missed out on a great deal. And given his lack of knowledge, the artist elicited help in gaining clarity.

Social media users didn’t disappoint, showing that this world has a supply of people willing to extend their knowledge if asked. And even one prominent member of hip-hop joined in.


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The Context of Boosie’s Inquiry

Boosie recently hopped on social media after appearing to be at a point of extreme confusion. According to a video Boosie posted on Instagram, the performer needed help understanding essential details about the true purpose of Independence Day Celebrations. He required anyone with the time to offer enlightenment to share their knowledge. But why, now?

Boosie noted he’s had a flood of people direct messaging him on why he shouldn’t celebrate. And he needed some real explanations. But he didn’t have to wait long.

Snoop Dogg Imparts Knowledge

One thing that fans understand about Snoop Dogg is that if a fellow brother is in need, he’s there to fill in, in whatever capacity he can. Additionally, the Dogg-prenuer always takes advantage of every opportunity to educate. If someone will listen, he’s more than willing to share. In true Snoop Dogg fashion, he answered Boosie’s call. This is a little of what Snoop had to share.

“It’s ya oppressors freedom celebration we weren’t free yet, and that’s why call me Nefew I’ll game u up. Juneteenth is our holiday of last free slaves.”

Perspectives Come a Dime a Dozen

Of course, there was other advice to follow Snoop Dogg’s. Some re-emphasized what Snoop said, others offered deeper historical context to Boosie, and others offered a more divergent perspective. One poster said: “All know we built this f****** country and fought in all they wars. We can celebrate the 4th if we want. This is our f****** country too! And our ancestors built it so strong…everybody wanna live here. F**** THAT, and stop letting entertainers tell y’all what to celebrate.”

What Did Boosie Do With the Info?

Boosie turned up with friends and family, celebrating as he saw fit. Now some will try to read into that and draw assumptions, which is nothing new. And that really isn’t an issue of consequence. But what matters most is that an individual sought knowledge and received it. How he interprets or uses that knowledge is his preference.

What Can We Learn From This?

Hopefully, what the masses will garner from this is that educating the masses is imperative. There are too many individuals with knowledge who are repressing it. And that means there are too many lacking critical knowledge. There’s no excuse for not sharing what we know willingly. Having access to vital knowledge should be a necessity, not a privilege. One of the most valuable assets people have in this world is knowledge. Sharing knowledge is also a principal tenant of hip-hop. as spreading knowledge equals empowerment.

Written by Renae Richardson

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