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Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Cori Broadus Undergoes Recent Health Scare



Cori Broadus Faced Health Scare
Cori Boradus and Snoop Dogg. Image Source: Getty Images.

Cori Broadus shared a startling update on Instagram on Jan. 18th. According to variable sources, the post revealed she was recovering from a severe stroke.

Heartfelt Struggles

The challenges faced by the offspring of celebrities are no secret. They are often the subject of intense scrutiny. It’s both alarming and saddening. But unfortunately, many experience such difficulties. Cori Broadus, whose name has appeared in the headlines before, sat down for an interview with People in 2021. The focus of the interview was her healing journey from her publicly announced battle with Lupus. According to the young entrepreneur, she has been dealing with the illness since the age of 6.

Cori Broadus’ Courageous Journey

Then, as now, she remains profoundly open about her health struggles. And has refused to remain quiet about the  impact they have had on her life and interactions with the world. In the 2021 article, Broadus stated, “I got lupus at 6 so, I was overweight from being on steroids. And that automatically messed with my health. People looked at me like I was an alien.”

Like many others, her experience with what Johns Hopkins defines as an autoimmune condition, caused by a complex interplay of genes, hormones, and environmental factors, involved dealing with pain. It is doubly appalling that she has had to confront the stigmatization of those lacking understanding. Acknowledging one’s illness and the resulting challenges isn’t an easy thing to do.  However, Broadus has shown tremendous strength in the face of adversity.

Cori Broadus’ Emotional Reaction

The news of Cori Broadus’s current health battle is indeed shocking. What is even more heartbreaking is the statement she made following the ordeal. Cori Broadus is noted as stating,

“I’m only 24, what did I do in my past to deserve all this.”

As of recent reports, the 24-year-old’s father, rap artist Snoop Dogg, has yet to make a comment, which is perfectly understandable. One can imagine he is taking the time to care for his family during this unexpected health scare.

Well Wishes for Cori Broadus

Certainly, let’s hope for Cori’s full recovery and that her family is granted peace as she gets back on her feet. Despite the heart-wrenching nature of her ongoing battles, it’s comforting to know that she’s still here to tell her story. Wishing her strength and healing during this challenging time.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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