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Snoop Honors Nipsey Hussle: Reveals the Artist as Ghostwriter 



Ghostwriters rarely get credit for their work, but Snoop Dogg gives Nipsey his due this time.

Snoop Honors Hussle

Snoop Dogg recently went on the record shouting out Nipsey Hussle as a contributor to his work. “Ten Toes Down” was a track released on the Doggfather’s 2016 album Coolaid. However, many didn’t know it was a collaborative effort when it was released.

The Genuine Snoop

If there is one word that can define Snoop, it’s genuine. He keeps it a hundred. So, it was not shocking when he dropped the mention of Nipsey Hussle as a ghostwriter on the track “Ten Toes Down.” Snoop posted a video on social media with him vibing to the track. The caption said it all,

“The late great @nipseyhussle wrote this for me 🙏🏾💫✨💧10ToesDown. Coolaid. Album👏🏿🔈🔈.” 

Now, that is humbleness in action. 

Snoops Admiration for Hussle

Snoop had great admiration for the artist and the man that Nipsey Hussle was and was becoming. He still fondly recalled how he first met Hussle and the impact of the interaction. And what he thought of Hussle as an artist speaks well of Hussle’s talent. 

“What was crazy was Nip’s mentality was stronger than a rapper that’s been in the game for 15 years.”

Such a compliment from an OG in the game carries a lot of weight.

Not only Collaborators

Snoop and Hussle were collaborators. However, the public knew little of the collaborative work behind the scenes until now. The fact that Snoop trusted Hussle as a partner and as a ghostwriter speaks volumes. Knowing the depth of kinship he felt with Hussle, this is not wholly unexpected.

He saw a natural kinship in the up and comer.  He told the world so at Hussle’s memorial service. In Snoop’s words

“But one thing that me and Nip had was a kind spirit, we had that spirit of love … When we met each other, it was like a magnet coming together. We had the same spirit.”

And brothers uplift brothers. 

Long live Hussle’s legacy as the phenom he was in the industry. Unfortunately, we don’t always know the extent of one’s impact until their gone. However, when we see the bigger picture, we give props where props are due. 

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Written by Renae Richardson


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