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Some Soured on Drakes “Falling Back” Video



Drake’s newest video is sparking mad chatter for multiple reasons.

Drake’s Drop Leaves A Sour Taste For Some

Drake dropped the newest video for his track “Falling Back;” the content has left some people with a sour taste. In the video, Drizzy is preparing for his nuptials. However, it isn’t so much the marriage in the video that is the talk. Instead, it is the fact that he marries to several women.

“Falling Back”

In the video, Drake stands before the altar, where it appears he is saying a vow to one woman. However, the camera pans to a line of women in wedding gowns, exactly twenty-three brides. And for some, that set off alarms. One poster had this to say,

“love this double standard for men!! Cause chile if a bride had 23 grooms in line to be married, y’all would be dragging her for filth 🍵 .”

The polygamous subplot is not the only reason people are dragging the artist.

Second Point Of Contention

Some others are taking issues with who Drake cast as his best man in the video. Tristan Thompson gives Drake a pep talk before he is ready to stand before the priest and his brides. For some, the selection of Thomspon was a bad look. Some are still reeling from reports of Thompson’s infidelity to Khloe Kardashian. Choosing Thompson some felt put Drake in the same category. One commenter made this clear,

“Tristan Thompson being the best man in the falling back video while drake marries multiple women… makes sense.”

Apparently, he’s been held guilty by association.

Third Reason Drake Is Being Dragged

Then there is a group with something to say about Drake’s lyrics or, as some conveyed, lack thereof. One irritated fan complained about the repetitiveness of the phrasing. Admittedly a large chunk of the song represents one phrase on loop “Falling Back on Me.”

Of course, it’s not all hate. According to the number of Youtube likes, many people dig the track. But even those numbers are debatable because die-hard fans of Drake will like what he puts out regardless of its caliber. Honestly, this is certainly not the best Drake has put out, but it is what It is. And judgment is in the eye of the beholder. So check it out for yourself and tell us what you think?

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Written by Renae Richardson


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