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Soulja Boy Has Some Words for Industry OG’s



One thing is sure Soula Boy is not shy; he is straightforward and raw when it comes to how he feels. So his recent comments about Industry OG’s aren’t entirely surprising.

Soulja’s Post

After a recent social media post, it is apparent Soulja Boy isn’t feeling how OGs in the industry have handled their success. According to the controversial artist, the OG’s have let the younger generation down. In his words,

I feel like, in a way, the motherfucking game failed us because they’re not kicking back enough knowledge to the young n-ggas. 

Is Soulja Boy Right?

Soulja Boy believes it’s an artist’s responsibility to give back. While that’s a beautiful sentiment, not everyone feels the same. For some artists, trailblazing and opening the doors of opportunity is enough. But, how much is enough, and precisely who makes that determination? Soulja contends,

All the OG’s you supposed to be kicking knowledge, y’all supposed to be kicking game to the young n-ggas, so they really running up a bankroll.

Weighted Shoulders

One thing Soulja is not arguing is the responsibility an artist has for their success. However, he is placing a fair amount of blame for young artists’ poor behavior on artists with history in the industry. According to Soulja

“They not telling the youngin’s how to get no money, they not tellin n-ggas how to go out and run up some bands. That’s why my youngin’s out here going crazy. Airing shit out, spinning shit.”

That’s something to mull over. 

Soulja Boy’s Penchant to Make Waves

No one has yet to respond to Soulja Boy’s statement. His perspective may elicit very little response as he doesn’t have a reputation for maintaining a strong rapport with others in the industry. As a source notes, The “Crank That” rapper has previously beefed with some of rap’s biggest legends over comments he’s made,” And calling out others is not typically the best way to stimulate a discussion on what contributions are necessary to help the younger artist.

Whether his comments will come off as a rant or a topic worthy of discussion is yet to be seen. We’ll have to see if anything is to follow.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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