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Soulja Boy Says Calls “Yeezus” Trash After Ye Disrespected His Art



Soulja Boy Calls Yeezus trash and states Ye should be more open when it comes to collaborations. Although the two may be on good terms, Soulja Boy will not hold back about how he feels about Ye. After being taken off of  DONDA, the “Crank Dat” rapper feels disrespected, as he wishes Ye would be more open-minded to collaborations in the future.

Kanye and Soulja

Soulja Boy Feels Disrespected by Ye after being taken off the Donda album.

On a new episode of The Breakfast Club, Soulja shares his thoughts on Ye.

Soulja Boy sat down with Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee on Friday morning.  He stated  that Ye shouldn’t have disrespected his “Remote Control” verse during his Drink Champs interview. The legendary rapper believes that Ye has also released some bad songs over his career. “So who am I to come to you and say, ‘Kanye, Yeezus was trash!’ I know [I can say that] but I’m not finna say that! I’ma keep it G and just listen to it a couple more times, like, ‘Maybe he was tryna go this way wit’ it,’ I’ma give it a couple more listens rather than just publicly disrespect somebody’s work of art.”

When Soulja was asked if he’s ever released music that he’s not too fond of, he screamed, “No! Everything I put out is fire!! What I’m trying to say is, though, Kanye West, when you’re making your album, be more open, bruh! What you think is trash is probably hard as fuck to a hundred million people. Why you think I’m #1?”

During the first part of his Drink Champs interview, Ye told Hot New Hip Hop that he removed Soulja’s verse from his album because it wasn’t good at all.

Written by Stephanie Kinberg

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