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South Side Chef Clears Name in PNB Rock Murder



Image Source: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Emmanul Danquah, a videographer and photographer in Minneapolis with the screen name South Side Chef, has cleared his name in the PNB Rock murder case. Before the murder, the two had an argument. Following PNB’s murder, people on social media began to claim that Chef was the murderer.

Past feud ignites rumors

South Side Chef and Rock’s argument dates back to 2021, and was over a stolen shirt design. Various bloggers and Youtubers have used that argument to implicate Chef in PNB’s murder. However they were claiming that the argument between Chef and PNB had happened shortly before his death, when that was simply not the case. In fact, after the argument the two men became friends and were actually planning on a charity boxing match.

“When we had our last talks, we weren’t at odds,” Chef said. “He was a real one. He was gonna give me an opportunity to change both of our lives with this fight that we were promoting … I’m thankful for that.”

The rumors were so bad that he had to push back against them during an interview with the Drea O Show. Another reason for Chef clearing his name is due to the LAPD looking into PNB Rock’s past beefs and enemies.

Just because there was an argument once, that does not mean that there will always be problems between the two. People can grow and change, as Chef and PNB Rock’s situation certainly proves.

PNB Rock’s murder still unsolved

PNB Rock died September 12th, 2022 while out eating out with his girlfriend at Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles in South Los Angeles. While dining he was approached by at least one armed suspect. This suspect demanded jewelry and after a verbal exchange, shot Rock several times.

There is currently no known suspects in the case.

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