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Speculation Swirls With Al B. Sure’s Statements



Al B. Sure Diddy Comments Raise Speculation
Al B. Sure. Image source: David Becker, Getty Images.

When it comes to Diddy, the press has more than enough salacious content to keep heads turned and eyes glued. This time, Al B. Sure is in the news for dropping some hints that have got more than a few people suspicious.

Al B. Sure Raises Eyebrows

Authorities raided Diddy’s homes on both coasts on March 25. However, since the rumor mill keeps churning, Al B. Sure recently attended an Equal Justice Now Awards event. At this event, Al B. Sure spoke of his hospitalization and comatose state in 2022.

If one were to look closely at what’s happening with Diddy, it would be undeniable that the statements Sure made suggested a link between his former medical condition and P. Diddy. According to a publication, when promoting an upcoming documentary series, Al B. Sure remarked that those who watch the series will find out how he ended up in his former condition.

Al B. Sure Hinting At Connections

Some may wonder if this is referring to a link between Diddy and Al B. Sure’s 2022 hospitalization. That statement alone does not clarify that this is the case. However, there is a circulating clip that implies a potential link.

The artist said, “So hold on to your britches because you will really understand how I ended up in a coma. You are going to need to contact Homeland Security.”

That is a fairly strong hint, but it is still a hint.

From Coma To Comeback

According to Fox 5, the “Off on My Own” Crooner fell into a coma after collapsing while recording music and was transported to the hospital. Reports state he suffered from many illnesses, including kidney failure, during the hospitalization. The 80s star remained comatose for over two months, and doctors believed he might die.

However, he later made a miraculous recovery.

Unraveling The Connections

Are the two connected? Nobody has yet confirmed that. The most known is that Al B. Sure had gastric bypass surgery and was recovering when this ill-fated event occurred. It is indeed true that Sure and Diddy are connected, as Sean Combs’s deceased wife, Kim Porter, and the “U Will Know” star share a son.

However, Sure’s son, Quincy “IQ” Brown, grew up under the care of P. Diddy. And in a letter he wrote in 2020, Brown claimed to see Diddy as his real father. As documented, the sentiments in the letter read:

“Diddy has been a father figure in my life for as long as I can remember. Sean Combs is the person whom I look up to and appreciate as a father. As far as my biological father goes, the ‘spitting image’ is all I have taken from him. Throughout my life, I’ve always wondered about him: Where he was? What was he doing? And most importantly, was he even thinking about me?”

At the time, Al B. Sure expressed his feelings about the situation but stated he wanted to work things out with his son and away from the spotlight.

Speculation Vs. Reality

While there is no doubt that there is a link between Diddy and Al B. Sure, that alone is insufficient evidence to conclude that the Bad Boy founder had anything to do with Sure’s previous condition. If anything, this entire fiasco teaches us that what people do in secret will never remain hidden.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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