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Spotify’s Dissect “Lyrical Masters” Mix-Tape Volume 1 Presents Special Bonus Segment



“Lyrical Masters” Mix-Tape Volume 1 By Dissect
Dissect. Image source: Dissect Podcast.

Dissect’s season of “Lyrical Master’s” mix-tapes has neared its end. Today marks the epic conclusion. And as a bonus, the Spotify-backed platform is presenting a special segment entitled “Mailbag,” which is the platform’s initial offering of such a segment that brings something unique that fans will surely enjoy.

What Is Dissect?

Dissect is a premiere offering for hip-hop fans. It’s a platform with an approach like none other. Dissect is a podcast that serves to spotlight lyrical greatness. The series is formulated around an in-depth analysis of “music and meaning.”

For the hip-hop scholar, this is heaven. Each episode focused on dissecting one song from a selected album per season. There was no surface-level digging. This was a deep dive into projects of some greats, Kanye West, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, and more.

Dissect Switches Gears

After ten seasons, Dissect changed course. Despite switching lanes, the dissection of first-class hip-hop content was still the heartbeat of the platform. But this time, the focus shifted to Mix-tapes.

Instead of spotlighting one album per season, hosts Cole Cuchna and Co-writer Camden Ostrander would select one song by variant artists every episode. “Lyrical Masters” mix-tape \volume 1 has run for nine episodes. And the artists featured included Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, MF Doom, Little Simz, Lupe Fiasco, and others.

With hours of content, Dissect serves as a first-rate resource and positions itself as a one-of-a-kind podcast.

Dissect’s Bonus

Today fans can find something extra on the Dissect platform with “Mailbag,” the newest edition, a bonus episode for the people. 

For those wondering what “Mailbag” is? It’s a segment where “Cuchna and Ostrander discuss their favorite albums of the year so far and answer questions submitted by listeners.” A robust discussion of exciting and fresh content is the centerpiece of this specially crafted offering.

In Finality

With another exciting season ending, this special bonus is the cream atop a well-layered cake. For those hip-hop aficionados, lyrical intellectuals, or lovers of everything hip-hop embodies, tune in and catch Dissect’s bonus episode. And in case some of the content evaded your attention, no problem. All episodes are available on Spotify.

Written by Renae Richardson

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