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Stars voice support for track star Sha’Carri Richardson



Stars voice support for track star Sha’Carri Richardson

Due to the pandemic, the summer Olympics were postponed until this summer. Prominent track star, Sha’Carri has been suspended after being tested for THC, which means she will not compete in the 100 m dash at the Olympics in Toyoko. During the Olympic trials, she dominated the 100-meter dash. Stars voice support for track star Sha’Carri Richardson. 

Several celebrities expressed their support for Richardson through social media this weekend. Some celebrities, including Drake, Seth Rogen, Cardi B and Snoop Dogg, called on USADA to scrap its marijuana ban as societal views on pot have drastically changed. The 30-day suspension of the track star has ignited outrage all over the country. 

Stars Voice Support For Track Star Sha'Carri Richardson

Reactions to the star’s suspension

“Are you serious?!” Snoop said, “Marijuana? It’s not an enhancement for her abilities,” Snoop Dogg wrote on social media. 

“They know she woulda ATE,” Drake wrote in his Instagram Stories.

Cardi B stated on social media, “I feel like the Olympics are going to try and be so hard on her ’cause this has been a big situation. However, that doesn’t take away [from the fact] that she’s the most talked-about athlete. Three years from now, she’s going to be the No. 1 most-anticipated to go to the Olympics.”

Why did she use marijuana?

It was all due to being able to cope with a personal issue that was happening in her life. According to an interview on today’s show, she revealed the reason for dealing with the death of her mother, and not being able to deal with it in the moment. During the interview, she apologized for violating the rules and she will accept the punishment in the end. 

“I want to take responsibility for my actions,” she said. 

Since news of Richardson’s suspension became public, her social media following only grew. With over a million followers on Instagram and over 345,000 followers on Twitter, she has become one of the nation’s most prominent track and field athletes.

Written by Samantha Evans | @sammerz149

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