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Swinging Success: ScHoolboy Q And His Lucrative Journey Beyond the Mic



ScHoolboy Q Golf Journey
ScHoolboy Q. Image source: Jed Jacobsohn, Getty Images.

ScHoolboy Q has been making some extra cash in his secondary venture, and it has proven to be lucrative. How profitable has golf been for Hanley? The rap artist can now relax and step away from rapping because of how financially rewarding it is.

ScHoolboy Q’s Meteoric Rise And Subsequent Retreat

ScHoolboy Q, also known as Quincy Matthew Hanley, burst onto the scene in 2014 with his debut.

According to the Grammy’s, Hanley was so talented that he came out of the gate smoking. His album, “Oxymoron,” hit number one on the Billboard 100. In 2014 and 2016, the artist garnered two Grammy nominations. Following the release of his album in 2019, fans saw far less of the artist for some time until the recent release of his “Blue Lips” record.

Artistic Philosophy

In a recent interview, ScHoolboy Q opened up about his musical journey, offering fascinating insights into his approach to making music. He expressed his desire to deliver substantial depth in his work. For him, quality is more important than quantity.

“When it comes to music, I don’t look at it as like, ‘Oh, you have to drop every year. I do what I want because I move off peace and my experiences.”

As ScHoolboy Q so passionately stated, he only includes what is authentic (sourced from experience). In his words, “If I bring nothing to the table that comes from my life, I don’t feel I should put it out.”

ScHoolboy Q Moves From Mic To Tee

When someone with such amazing talent takes a break, people start to wonder where else they could be directing their energy. For Hanley’s been immersing himself in golf.

Golf isn’t new to ScHoolboy Q, and he has expressed that he grew up watching his family golf. For him, golfing started in earnest as a means of achieving mental well-being and evolved into much more.

According to the ScHoolboy Q, golf has had a profound impact on his life. Golf has proven to be both a therapeutic and lucrative pursuit.

As a source notes, “He was funding his time between new rap releases with money he made from golf.” That is pretty fascinating.

Dismantling Stereotypes

Why is it relevant? It is crucial to understand that performers and artists cannot be generalized as one homogenous entity. The individuals in question are ordinary people who possess a particular skill that they opt to employ to inspire or entertain others. Being a performer at one point doesn’t make someone a performer indefinitely. People do whatever works for them.

Some things weren’t working for ScHoolboy Q in the industry. It is also noted that he turned down endorsement deals because of discriminatory practices. A loss of deals equates to financial losses, whereas golf provided him with cash inflow and inner tranquility. In his words, “I was able to relax for five years. I made a lot of money off rap, but golf helped me a lot.”

Undoubtedly, golfing seems like a mutually beneficial option.

The Intersection of Artistry and Personal Pursuits in Hip-Hop

What does one do with this information? Sharing such information provides insight, enlightening those outside the industry to what is and is not genuine. This fosters a deeper understanding of artistry and the inner workings of the industry. Such knowledge enables outsiders to observe things with greater clarity. Knowledge is a principal tenant of hip-hop.

Rooting For ScHoolboy Q:

May ScHoolboy Q find success in all his pursuits. If he comes back to music, he will have a fan base ready to receive whatever he’s dropping.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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