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SZA SoundCloud Frenzy Has Twitter Fans Wanting More!



Smooth songstress SZA anonymously released three songs on SoundCloud that sent Twitter into a frenzy.

The song “Joni” is like a mysteriously sexy song. In verse two she sings: “Make it bounce baby/ Do a little more/ I’ve been wiped out like three times/ Beat that sh##/Call me nine lives”.

“I Hate You” is one of her signature broken relationship classics. She says in the second verse: “Used to be solid/Til you scrambled me/ Used to be your rider, you mishandled me.” To her female fans, there goes your fall healing heart break song.

In the last song, “Night Bird”, the chorus proclaims: “Stay the night/ Only got you for a short time/Going through a hard time/ Hoping you can carry my demons part time.”

Twitter Fans Went Crazy

This is a song that SZA’s male and female fans can find relatable.  Could it be a one night stand or two lovers whom belong to others?


SZA’s Twitter fans had a ball with these songs. For many, it is what they’ve been waiting for.

SZA is a cool soul that is still self aware, educated yet grounded. She brought that heat to the SoundCloud Streets! She is a whole vibe in this Rolling Stone clip:

Is a New Album in the Works?

Her latest album, Good Days came about thanks to the pandemic. It was SZA’s personal, creative mantra for her mental health.

Also, the album hit the top charts on Billboard in 2020.

“I tell the truth through music. Other people tend to catch on and agree with my truth and it turns out we are all really similar”, SZA famously said.

Well, I am sure fans are eager to hear the pain and pleasure the pandemic brought SZA. To read about her recent time in the studio, click here.

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