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The Game Recounts Seeing His First Dead Body At, “Like Seven”



Today The Game took a little time to give fans an exposé on some of the lesser-known facts about his life. One of the stand-out topics the artist discusses is an early encounter with the dead.

Art a Real Reflection of Life

One of the most iconic scenes in “Boyz n The Hood,” directed by the late great John Singleton, is when Tre and his friends see a dead body for the first time. That event was a turning point for those boys, a cornerstone of their coming of age. Ironically, sometimes art is an imitation of life. One only needs to listen to The Game’s first encounter with the slain to bring the point home.

 The Game’s Account

In an interview on Full Send Podcast, The Game got comfortable with some of the details of his life. One of the fascinating stories was the first time he saw a dead body. In the account, the artist relays he was only seven at the time. Unfortunately, he and a few friends were playing a game of football when a man lost his life in a drive-by shooting.

Far-Reaching Impact

It is startling enough to know that this tragedy shaped his young mind at such an age. More alarming is how the artist speaks of the event. In his words

“It was just a drive-by shooting; somebody got hit.”

His verbiage speaks of desensitization. However, this is not surprising given his other account and the information he gives about his parents. He went on to explain how both of his parents were gang members and how experiencing death in the hood was the norm. And much like in the cultural classic “Boyz n Da Hood” The Game’s account is eerily similar. According to the artist, the reaction after seeing the body went like this,

“But yeah, we just walked down there, man, and we’re just like “oh so and so got shot’ and it just be over like that.

Nevertheless, some impacts are lasting ones.

The Game Has More to Tell

The story of the first dead body is only one of the encounters the hip-hop artist would have with death and dying. In fact, that event only punctuated the tragedy he would see played out repeatedly. And he not only expounded on that first death but another rather gruesome death he defines as “the craziest.”

The tragedy of it All

It is very eye-opening to know that the everyday life of a child in the hood is inclusive of seeing dead bodies on the regular. However, it’s a fact that must remain at the forefront of societal consciousness. While this is a conversation most will tragically move on from with little impact, it’s someone else’s reality, one forever altering the course of their lives.

Renae Richardson

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