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#HipHop4Her: The Struggle to be a #WCW



Why Are You Working Hard to be a #WCW???

It’s hard during any stage of life to be a women. We always have to live up to expectations of other people, what we should and should not do, what to wear, what not to wear and the list goes on. It’s so hard to just love yourself, and appreciate the assets that were given to you. Whether that be physical attributes, intellectual attributes or talents. Women will never be up to par with societies view of how we should be.

There’s a constant battle with low self- esteem. These days, we need a couple butt injections, Brazilian hair, and a stripper name to get us far.  The women who are becoming lawyers, doctors, business women, hell… even graduating from college is going unnoticed. Where is the gratitude, acknowledgement, and appreciation of these type of women? The more and more I go through instagram, the more I see that it’s a dying breed.

It’s as if there is always something to prove, standards to live up to. No one aspires to be Lauryn Hill or Sonia Sotomayor anymore. It’s very sad. Girls are too focused on how they can get more likes on instagram,  or getting the next pair of Loubs, or attending the hottest parties so that they are seen. Then the indecisiveness of being natural versus being pressed and processed.

To love thy curly hair or to not love thy curly hair? Should I stick with a natural fresh face or should I beat it?  Women sit in front of the mirror and pick at themselves like scavengers on meat. We find what’s wrong with us, rather than identifying what we love about us.

Perhaps we do this because our imperfections are so blatant.  The media covers these stories about young women dying under the knife, just to fix her nose, to fix her butt, to lose her stomach. When this could have been avoided if she just loved herself.

As women we need to rise above what/how society tells us to be.  Because in all honesty we can be whatever we want and do whatever we want. No one can tell us how to wear our hair, or what style to wear, or make us feel that achieving a degree is not important. We have to be our biggest fans. We need to support each other.

-Miquira J.


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