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2020 is Lizzo’s Year



This Year Is Lizzo’s Year- By Making History

Last night, The BET Awards, aired. Not surprisingly, Lizzo won this year’s best R&B/Pop artist! With Lizzo’s empowering and catchy music, it is no wonder she won! This year is Lizzo’s year, and she shows fans that through her winning category for the BET Awards!


How we all felt when Lizzo was announced winner! Photo from

Lizzo really showed people how much of a queen she is through her music and speech! She shows her gratitude, and even gives Beyoncé a shoutout, thanking her for all she has done for Black culture. It’s always nice to see females supporting females! Lizzo further embraces the fact that “as long as you’re winning in life, that’s the only trophy you need”. Lizzo shows off her confidence within her speech, and encourages others the best they can to succeed in life! 

Were We Surprised At All?

Even though it was not all surprising that Lizzo won this year’s best R&B/pop female artist, it took fans a minute to realize Beyoncé did not win the award this year! Beyoncé’s fans were in complete shock, but it’s about time that Lizzo took the throne. In Lizzo’s words, “everyone’s a winner”, showing grace and courtesy to fans and other fellow nominees! 

The Importance of BET

Despite the fact that Lizzo did not win both best R&B/pop artist and best female hip-hop artist, she is still a winner! Lizzo is truly making this year her year. The BET awards allow the importance of Black culture to be shared with others, creating further impacts. What was your favorite category for this year’s BET Awards? Be sure to let us know, we can’t wait to see what’s in store next year! 

Sydney Geller | IG: @sydneyyyyy_g |

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