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Thrilling New Film “The Deadly Getaway” On BET+



"The Deadly Getaway" To Premiere On BET+
"The Deadly Getaway." Image source: BET+.

BET+ has transformed into a primary destination for distinctive and original content. Charles Jones’ latest addition to their roster of original productions is “The Deadly Get Away.”

Save the Date: “The Deadly Get Away”

Mark your calendars for May 9, when Jones’ latest project will be available for viewing. Born and raised in New York, Jones is a highly esteemed filmmaker who has had several works showcased on BET+.

If you’ve seen “All In,” “Trophy Wife, or “Holiday Heartbreak, then you’re likely already familiar with his directing and editing skills. For his newest film, Jones will once again be taking on the role of director.

“The Deadly Getaway: Romance Turned Nightmare

The Deadly Getaway

“The Deadly Getaway.” Image source: BET+.

In “The Deadly Getaway, Jason Weaver and Yandy Smith-Harris play a couple who are preparing for the ultimate romantic getaway. However, their dream vacation quickly turns into a nightmare when Derrick, an ex-lover from hell, shows up. As stated on IMDB, Derrick is willing to do anything to protect his dark secret, even if it means murdering his beloved Hope. The story unfolds as the couple fights for survival against a dangerous adversary.

Dive Into The Thrills

For those in search of a fresh and thrilling film, make sure to give it a try. As Deadline notes, “The Deadly Getaway is the perfect reintroduction to classic thrillers, which encompass dramatic twists and spine-chilling moments. And on May 9, it’s lights, cameras, and action.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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