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TikTok Reviewing North West’s Account After Kanye West’s Statement



Kanye West posted on social media two days ago with an inquiry on his next steps to address his daughter, North, being on TikTok without his consent. His post caught his frustrated ex-wife’s Kim Kardashian’s, attention. FM Hip Hop reported her response which was sheer frustration.

Since then, Kanye’s fireside chat, has caused a domino effect. Ye did not let her comments slide. He let go a rapid-fire response via Instagram.

Ye Catches Attention of the Big Wigs.

The hope was Ye would reach out to Kim with respect to the mother of his children, hopefully handling this out of the spotlight. Well, this wasn’t the case. Most understand how Ye operates. Unsurprisingly, according to a source, he shot back at Kim by posting TikTok’s regulations. The TikTok administrative team stepped in.

TikTok Administrative Steps Up.

After West’s comments, the team at TikTok acted. The rules are specific regarding minors’ posting in the TikTok community.

“The TikTok app has a range of features that can enhance your experience on the app and make it safer and more creative. Like other similar apps, the minimum age for users is13,” another source notes.

According to TikTok, users younger than 13 must use a specific platform designated for younger users. So when the user is not using this avenue or somehow has circumvented this rule, TikTok will end the account. This statement was released by Tik Tok,

“After this was brought to our attention, we saw what was posted on social media and the account is currently under review.”

This is why it is always wise to arm yourself with knowledge before acting or responding. The age restriction is not new news. According to

” It was introduced in 2019, after TikTok settled with the Federal Trade Commission for child privacy violations from TikTok’s predecessor, ”

Kim, Ye, and Northwest (TikTok Chronicles)

Isn’t Kim Kardashian co-owner of her daughter North West’s account? Sources show this is true. So one would think this would circumvent the problem? Well, no. While Kim may have a joint account with North West, specific stipulations are in place to protect minors. One of those stipulations specifies, every upload for children under 13 with a joint account must include the account’s custodian. So, Northwest may not upload content without Kim Kardashian being seen somewhere in the video.

Ye’s Wishes Closer to Fulfillment.

Now, administrators at Tik Tok must find proof and validate that Ye’s daughter uploaded a video without her mother present. Then Kanye might get his wish.

One can’t blame a father for stepping up—his right to speak what he believes is championed. And there are a many who agree with his sentiments. One of Ye’s followers was particularly vocal in her support.

The argument is solid. However, there are many options to take. The question remains, does this necessitate airing everything on social media? Although Ye may never answer, inquiring minds want to know.

Our sincerest desire is that this back and forth ceases soon, at least before creating a deeper rift. As promised, FM Hip Hop will keep you informed about what’s on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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