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TMZ Is Releasing Their Own Rap Show, TMZ Hip-Hop



TMZ Hip Hop
Source: @tmz_tv

TMZ is a controversial yet long upheld gossip platform. They’re ready to tackle a real hot topic: rap music.

TMZ wants a new audience

If you’re a lover of pop culture and celeb gossip there’s no doubt you’re familiar with TMZ. The contentious TV show and website are known for their equally thorough reporting of celebs across the board, but they’ve never focused on hip-hop specifically. That’ll all change this Monday, Apr. 11.

TMZ Hip Hop promises to deliver “fresh new takes on the hottest stories about the biggest celebs in the genre” according to the official online announcement. Intriguingly, Beyonce and Kanye West are named as subjects of interest for TMZ Hip Hop. The teaser doesn’t go into much detail on this pair, but it will certainly be exciting to see some tea spilled.

TMZ Hip Hop will be delivering all the gossip. Out of the whole set of hosts, DJ Hed may have the richest insight. The multi-Grammy award-winning producer has worked with industry icons like Jay Z, Eminem, and Xzibit.

Speaking of hip-hop, TMZ recently got into some hot water with a rap veteran.

TMZ vs. Positive K

Kidd Creole of Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five was found guilty of manslaughter earlier this month. In TMZ’s usual fashion, they quickly covered the story but strangely attached the wrong photo.  The ‘90s emcee Positive K, known for his ’92 hit “I Got a Man” got a rude awakening when he discovered the article. Instead of Creole’s headshot, his photo appeared.


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Positive K promptly responded on Instagram, understandably upset with the mistake. “Really @tmz_tv. When did POSITIVE K become Kidd Creole?” He typed. “So now all Black People look alike? You all were the same ones who pronounced the late great DMX deceased days before his death. I thought this was a platform of professional journalists?! But l’m beginning to think that research on a topic, story, or article is not a requirement to intern or be employed at @tmz_tv.”

With a charge as serious as manslaughter, it’s easy to see why K had that reaction. TMZ is an extremely popular platform after all, and the internet forgets nothing. Hopefully, they can use this incident as a stepping stone for TMZ Hip Hop and be sure to always remember to report rap news respectfully.

Where and when to watch TMZ Hip Hop

If you wanna catch the first episode of TMZ Hip Hop take a look at these time slots. If you do f see your city listed, no worries. The show will stream for free on FOX Soul.

New York: 11 PM MY9 (WWOR)
Los Angeles: 2:30 PM FOX11 (KTTV)
Chicago: 12 AM FOX32 (WFLD)
Philly: 12 AM FOX29 (WTXF)
Dallas: 12:30 PM FOX4 (KDFW)
Houston: 12:30 PM FOX26 (KRIV), 10 PM MY20 (KTXH)
Washington, DC: 12 AM FOX5 (WTTG), 6:30 PM FOX5 PLUS (WDCA)
Seattle: 11:30 PM FOX13 (KCPQ)
Phoenix: 11:30 PM FOX10 (KSAZ)
Minneapolis: 11:30 PM FOX9 (KMSP)

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