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Too Short Regrets Turning Down A Beat From Kanye West



Too $hort
Image Source: Too $hort's Instagram

It’s crazy to think that rap legend Too Short would turn down the offer to work with Kanye West. However, in a recent interview with VladTV, he reflected on a time when he passed on the chance to work with Ye on a record after Scarface recommended him. “You know what I told him? I was in Atlanta, I said, ‘Man, we got all the producers with me. I don’t need no new producers,’” Too Short said & continued the story with, “And he was like, ‘I swear to God, he’s the coldest muthafucka in the world out here in New York. He’s from Chicago.’ He told me his name, everything. He said, ‘$2,000 a beat. It’s the shit!’ And I was like, ‘Man, we got producers’ … I didn’t even listen to him.” Take a full watch of Too Short’s breakdown of this unfortunate decision:


Kanye’s Recent Production Credits

Many would argue the controversial Chicago icon is one of the greatest musicians & rappers alive. Although Too Short regrets not taking that opportunity at the time,  many artists would’ve been lucky to be presented the chance at having a Kanye instrumental. Even though he wasn’t a household name, Ye ended up becoming hugely important as a producer in Jay-Z’s discography. Recently, we’ve seen Kanye display his producer knowledge & skill on new albums from Pusha T, Fivio Foreign, etc. He’s also been hands-on with his music as many fans are thirsty for new Kanye music after both DONDA albums.


How Dumb Was The Decision At The Time?

We all knew Ye was extremely talented with production at the early stages of his career. To be fair, Too Short was mainly uninterested due to him already having producers & Kanye being a new hot producer in the industry that was located miles away. What do you think & would you have given a younger pre-fame Kanye a chance?

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Written by: Oryah Brown | Instagram: @oryah.wav

I've been writing Hip-Hop content on my own for almost 2 years now. Music has always been my passion, and I have experience in most areas that utilize the art form: production, writing, curating, engineering, etc.

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