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3 of Our Top Underrated Hip Hop Songs!



Underrated Songs Deserve More Recognition

With constant overplayed yet loved songs on the radio, sometimes people miss the older underrated songs. Consequently, often when hearing an older and underrated song on the radio or a playlist, it just makes you want to dance and sing it out! There’s just something about older underrated songs that take you back into the good of days. Let’s take a look at the top 3 underrated hip hop songs!

Top 3 Underrated Hip Hop Songs That Need To Be Played Again On The Radio

  • “Gimme That” By Chris Brown (2005)
    • Chris Brown’s first album Chris Brown (Expanded Edition) came out in 2005 with some of his best hits off the album. Some of most popular songs off the album are “Run It“, “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)“, and “Say Goodbye“. These Chris Brown throwbacks are often played on the radio, but the smash underrated song is “Gimme That“! The song starts off with a violin intro accompanied by classic hip hop beats, with a catchy chorus.

  • Own It” By Drake (2013)
    • Seven years ago, Drake dropped his legendary album Nothing Was The Same. It almost feels like just yesterday! Some of the top hits off the album are “Started From The Bottom“, “Worst Behavior” and “Hold On, We’re  Going Home“. These top hits make Nothing Was The Same unforgettable. But of course, there are some songs that deserve more appreciation such as “Own It”. Drake focuses on love throughout “Own It“. The song starts off with a mellow and laid back form of hip hop and then hits a beat drop two minutes into the song. Drake’s “Own It” is worth a listen!

  • “Red Room” By Offset (2019)
    • One of the most underrated hip hop songs is Offset’s “Red Room”. Offset is able to show off his own independent style on the track. The song features fast raps, accompanied by a slower yet catchy beat. The song is great for long car rides or just to have a lowkey jam out. Shockingly enough, the smash isn’t even on Offset’s “popular songs” on Spotify!

Underrated Songs Hit Different

Underrated hip hop songs have such an important impact on dedicated hip hop listeners. It reminds fans how the artists have grown throughout the years in the hip hop industry. There are many more underrated hip hop songs other than these three hits. We hope that you enjoyed the top 3 underrated hip hop songs!

Sydney Geller | IG: @sydneyyyyy_g |

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