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Tory Lanez Arrested After Violating Orders in Megan Thee Stallion Case



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Tory Lanez by Jerod Harris / Stringer / Getty Images

Tory Lanez is now facing some seriously major consequences for speaking on Megan Thee Stallion online. Can he find his way out of this?

Tory’s tweets come back to bite

The Daystar singer has had an extremely long and stressful legal battle with the Houston “hottie”. Earlier today (Apr. 5) Tory ran into a huge bump in the road in his case. He arrived at a Los Angeles courthouse likely expecting a standard preliminary hearing. He left with a $350,000 bail and metal cuffs.

The proceeding comes after Tory and Meg exchanged shots on Twitter back in February. During the spat Megan posted a screenshot of the Canadian crooner apologizing profusely over iMessage, claiming to “feel horrible”.

Tory then responded with an explanation for his texts. “Good D*ick had me fucking 2 best friends …. and I got caught” he typed. It’s presumed he’s referring to Meg’s former friend and passenger during the shooting, Kelsey.

The judge puts his foot down

According to Rolling Stone reporter Nancy Dillon, judge David Herriford considered the social media posts “clear messages” to the Good News star. This promptly landed Tory in violation of a protective and personal contact order.

This would be Tory’s second violation of Meg’s protective order. He first broke the rules during last year’s Rolling Loud festival.  His bail was subsequently increased from $190,000 to $250,000 after a particularly controversial set with Dababy had him within 100 feet of Thee Stallion. Lanez managed to pay the lump sum to keep himself out of jail. But now those efforts are futile.

The judge also ordered Tory “not to mention the complaining witness in this case in any social media” in addition to his arrest. It’s easy to guess who the “complaining witness” is.

The south-side rapper isn’t the only problem Tory is facing. Carrying a concealed weapon is another charge hell have to wriggle out of. On September 14 we’ll see the two stars battle it out in court yet again. Hopefully, both celebs can stay out of trouble in the meantime.


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