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Trouble’s ‘Female Friend’ Speaks Out, Stating She Is ‘Traumatized’



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Famed Atlanta rapper Trouble was gunned down during a stay at a “female friend’s” house. On June 5, this fatal event cemented the loss of the rapper’s life and all over senseless negligence of human decency.

It’s now clear that the nature of the incident was due to domestic violence. The suspect, Jamichael Jones, reportedly punched his ex-girlfriend in her face and proceeded to shoot Skoob once in his chest.

This friend has emerged with a note to her once silenced Instagram. Ultimately, her problem is the media’s lack of condolences that seem to come to her at this time. She barely gives insight into the incident, but she expressed how she’s “traumatized.” Fans are indifferent to her approach and even her need to address anyone’s opinion of her for that matter.

Details of the attack continue to formulate and take over the internet. Jones gave himself up to Clayton County authorities days after a warrant was issued for his arrest. 11Alive News captured these moments during his submissive arrest. “His mother was a huge resource in helping us apprehend him,” a Sherriff’s deputy said in a press release.

Trouble’s Lover Scorned

Trouble’s supposed girlfriend, Alexis Shalae, also plastered a message on social media following the tragic news of his passing. In her heartfelt delivery on IG, she shared how Trouble “was just at the wrong place wrong time.”

Death and rappers seem to be two words that remain a trending pair. While many fans mourn the death of these pronounced figures, family and friends are amongst those affected the most. Presumably the narratives of a cheating scandal brew amid newly surfaced information. It remains evident that acts of a jealous lover have claimed another life.


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