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Tyler, The Creator, On The Newest Episode Of Rap Radar



Tyler The Creator Rap Radar Newest Episode
Tyler, the Creator, on Rap Radar. Image source: Interval Presents.

Today Interval Presents brings fans the newest season of the fab hip-hop podcast “Rap Radar” with Tyler, the Creator. And given the caliber of this opening segment, this “Rap Radar” season is shaping up to be even hotter than the first.

A year ago, Interval Presents gave hip-hop fans something extra to dig into with “Rap Radar,” a finely constructed platform designed to meet the intellectual and creative needs of the community. Brian “B Dot” Miller and Elliot Wilson hosted hours of exclusive interviews with top hip-hop artists on the new platform. And it was fire. This platform opened access to uniquely intimate and informative moments, with fan favorites in a space unlike any other.

Tyler, The Creator, On Rap Radar

Tyler, the Creator, on Rap Radar

Tyler, the Creator. Image source: Interval Presents.

Tyler Gregory Okonma, known as Tyler, the Creator, didn’t come to play. In his ultra-exclusive sit-down with Miller and Wilson, he showed all the way up. His laid-back vibe and electric personality made today’s mega-hype episode one to watch. Tyler and “Rap Radar” fans will find some of the most interesting tidbits in this hour-long episode.

The hosts methodically explore Tyler’s world through targeted inquiry. But Tyler takes the wheel, leaning into a rich conversational flow. Viewers will find of particular interest revelations on the Creator’s past projects, latest projects, the depth of his creativity, and talent, which Tyler is not afraid to admit he has in spades. He even adds a bit of insight for others on topics of execution and finding personal success in their endeavors.

Tyler, The Creator: What Makes Him Great

Tyler The Creator

Tyler, the Creator. Image source: Courtesy Photo.

Tyler, the Creator, is a master craftsman when it comes to art. He’s far from ordinary. Tyler’s multifaceted yet signature talent set him apart. When one’s umbrella creativity is exceptionally expansive, finding a single word to define it is difficult. But if one word were chosen to represent Tyler, the Creator, and his approach to his projects, it would be visionary.

For most, such may seem trite, for” visionary” is a moniker often haphazardly assigned to many. But so is not the case with Tyler, the Creator. In fact, no words need to define what his body of work exemplifies. One merely needs to look at this accomplishment. Tyler has the first album in history to reach #1 three years consecutively. 

When one is not only super talented but successful, it makes others desire to understand whence one derives such a fastidious and exuberant nature. What factors underlay the execution of success? As the artist once said,

“Since the start, I’ve always had a big vision. The way my brain has worked since I was a child, everything fed into the other thing. And I only surround myself with people who dream and want the best for themselves,”

which is something most aspirants can get down with. But that is a mere external expression of the internal. What separates him from the legion of his industry colleagues has much more depth. One can pinpoint this to his down-to-earth persona. Tyler, the Creator, is just plain honest (almost brutally so) with a penchant for taking pleasure in even the simpler things, recognizing the value in even the leanest times when “not having everything is everything.”

Who Is Interval Presents

Interval Presents is a Podcast Network that sits under the umbrella of the Warner Music Group. This network is a community and cultural asset offering a “slate of programming that amplifies underrepresented voices and cultures and explores the impact of music artistry from diverse perspectives.”

Although launched in 2022, some of Interval Present’s offerings have been the dopest, bringing the community offerings such as “Rap Radar,” “Drink Champs,” and “Holding Court.” And the illest news is, there is more on the way. Fans will soon have even more to look forward to, not merely with “Rap Radar” but with future projects. These projects are said to include shows to be hosted by “Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and Grammy-nominated singer Jason Derulo.”

Make Time

Those who tuned in to the last season of “Rap Radar” know how exciting each segment can be. And this season will be no different. Today’s episode takes it to the next level, making it a must-see. So be sure to check out Tyler, the Creator, on season 2, episode one of “Rap Radar.”

Written by Renae Richardson

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