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Upgrade Your Closet With These New Releases



Palace and Mercedes-AMG collaboration
Palace and Mercedes-AMG collaborate/ Credit: Palace and Mercedes-AMG

Your style is how you introduce yourself to the world without saying a word. A nice outfit allows others a glimpse into your personality. Swagging out never goes out of style. Style is and will always be important in hip-hop. Streywear is always releasing just what you need.

Brands like Avirex, Gyles & George, and C’est Bon are set to release new collections that you should get your hands out. Big name brands are also collaborating together and creating great clothes. Indigenous Enterprise teamed up with Born X Raised, Palace collaborated with Mercedes-AMG, and Supreme teamed up with The North Face again.

It’s never a bad time to add to your collection of clothes and with these new drops you can’t go wrong. Let’s dive in.

Avirex Tuskegee Lucky 7 Collection

Avirex "Tuskegee" leather jacket

Avirex “Tuskegee” leather jacket
Credit: Avirex

Avirex is releasing a collection inspired by the Tuskegee Airmen who were the first Black airmen. The “ Tuskegee Lucky 7” will be released on March 25. The collection includes joggers, a hoodie, T-shirt, and a leather jacket. You can check out the collection on their website. Avirex will donate a part sales from the Tuskegee collection through March 31 through the web store.

Gyles & George Release A Collection

Gyles & George are giving the world a collection of knit sweaters. A sweater will be released for the 12 zodiac signs. Grab the sweater for your sign at

C’est Bon Collection

C'est Bon T-shirt

C’est Bon T-shirt
Credit: C’est Bon

C’est Bon is gearing up for a release of a their spring/summer collection. Shorts, pants, shirts, hoodies, jackets, and knitwear will be included in the collection titled fundamental. The collection is simple but eye-catching. Their website is currently under construction but check the collection on their Instagram.

Supreme And The North Face Team Up For A New Release

Supreme outfit

Supreme outfit
Credit: Supreme

Supreme and The North Face team up again to release gear suited for the cold. They collection contains a Baltoro jacket, Mountain Pro Jacket, Base Layer L/S top, S/S Top, Mountain Pant, Chugach 16 Backpack, and Smith Squad MAG Googles. Check out the collection.

Indigenous Enterprise And Born X Raised

 Indigenous Enterprise/Born X Raised long sleeve T-shirt

Indigenous Enterprise/Born X Raised long sleeve T-shirt
Credit: Indigenous Enterprise/Born X Raised

Indigenous Enterprise teamed up with Born X Raised for a collection of long and short sleeve T-shirts, hoodie, and sweats. Each piece has a colorful logo stamped on it. The prices range from $50 to $150. The products ship out between April 18 and 22nd is bought now online. 

Palace And Mercedes-AMG Work Together

 Palace and Mercedes-AMG collaboration

Palace and Mercedes-AMG collaboration
Palace and Mercedes-AMG collaboration

Palace and Mercedes-AMG collaborate to create a collection of clothes and cars. Mechanics inspired the look for the collection. Beanies, hats, hoodies, jackets, vest, reinforced pants, and T-shirts. The four one-of-one cars specifically matches the T-shirts in the collection. Each car represents the four flagship stores. The collection releases on March 25th. You will be able to buy the collection on their website.

A Kith Collection

Ma$e in Kith outfit

Ma$e in Kith outfit
Credit: Kith

Kith is finally releasing the second part of their Spring collection. The 78-piece collection has everything you need to add to your closet. Ronnie Fieg’s Clarks Originals 8th St collection is going to be released with the clothing. Buy items from the collection on their website on March 25th.

Noah Release A Popeye Collection

Noah Popeye collection

Noah Popeye collection
Credit: Noah

Noah is releasing a collection of crew necks, T-shirts, caps, and pants. Each item has some type of Popeye’s logo printed on it. Popeye directly inspires this collection. Match 24th is the date when the collection drops. Check out the collection.

Donny Diaz Takes A Victory Lap

Victory Lap collection

Victory Lap collection
Credit: Donny Diaz

Donny Diaz is marking his one year anniversary titled “Victory Lap”. The collection includes a checkered track jacket and shorts which comes in either green or silver. The shorts in the collection are reversible, which creates a special look. Pre-order the items on the website.

Burton Snowboards Release A Virgil Abloh Design

 Men's Burton Virgil Photon BOA® Snowboard Boots

Men’s Burton Virgil Photon BOA® Snowboard Boots
Credit: Burton Snowboards

The last collection is being released by Burton Snowboards. Their collection of snowboards and equipment were designed by the great Virgil Abloh. The boards have been soled out but if your lucky you can get your hands on a pair of the Photon BOA snowboard boots for only $569.95. Go to their website and you might get lucky.


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