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Usher Gets a Bit Cheeky In Response To Keke Palmer Drama



Today Usher is the highlight of conversation over a recent post in response to the Keke Palmer debacle. While many may expect something profound, that’s not how the artist responded. In fact, it was the exact opposite.

Keke Palmer’s Drama “The Vortex”

On July 6, 2023, Keke Palmer went viral. Masses weighed on relationship drama, of which Palmer was the nucleus. As most now know, the beautiful new mother attended a concert headlined by Usher. It was only a short time before video footage of the star enjoying the performance made its rounds. While there is nothing unordinary about one artist enjoying the performance of another, there was more to this story. Palmer’s partner, Darius Jackson, offered a public response to the video making its rounds. According to multiple sources, the tweet read, “It’s the outfit tho… you a mom.”

That post triggered the great debate of 2023, the trending topic, should she have, or shouldn’t she? And that was followed by the quintessential question of the partner’s rights regarding voicing concern and proper etiquette in doing so.

What’s Usher Got to Do With It?

Since then, people have weighed in from around the globe with varying perspectives. But another centrifugal figure in this dramatic narrative had yet to say anything. And that was Usher. Those who followed the endless debates on social media understand Usher was also pointed out as a big factor in the escalation of this issue. Some argued that Palmer’s reaction to Usher was at the vortex of this relational tsunami.


But that is neither here nor there. The primary fact is Palmer attended his concert in attire her partner found distasteful. And Usher was caught on camera serenading the gorgeous Palmer. And so, undoubtedly, some expected Usher to weigh in. Today, Usher has responded. But it is not in how a good deal might expect. The “You Got It Bad” crooner created an Instagram post stating, “Am I trending yet?”

What Does Usher’s Post Mean?

There are multiple ways to interpret it. The question is, does anyone need to? Many dig too deep. Some may find it insensitive or cheeky. Others will take it for what it is. But does it matter? Perhaps he doesn’t really have anything to add. And if he did, in such situations, would it be beneficial to add anything? Compared to the larger word, contextually, this is small. And this, too, will pass. Today it was Palmer; tomorrow, it will be someone and something else. So, he kept it moving.

Written By: Renae Richardson

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