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Usher on Flashback Friday



Usher’s Throwbacks> Anything Else!

You know him! The man, the myth, the legend, Usher!!! For years, Usher has given us more and more reasons to love him and his music. On this flashback Friday, lets take a look at some of his best throwback songs! 


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Some of Ushers Best Throwbacks on Flashback Friday

You Got It Bad (Released 2009)


The slow song and lyrics let listeners get a better understanding of Usher. The slow beat and soothing lyrics remind listeners what love can feel like to an extreme level. The song has always been a fan favorite, especially on flashback Fridays or throwback Thursday. “You Got It Bad” became even more of a fan favorite when Justin Bieber performed  the song for Usher! Bieber back then reminded us of what quality music is, and “You Got It Bad” goes beyond quality music! 


“U Remind Me” (Released 2009) 

Personally, growing up I didn’t even know the song! But thanks to radio stations playing “U Remind Me” as a constant best throwback, this became a favorite song of Usher’s! In the catchy song, he shows us how people can get intense emotionally when reminded of important parts of our past. Check out the full music video to see for yourself! 


“Yeah!” (Released 2015)

Usher’s upbeat bop makes this throwback great for any occasion! “Yeah” is just one of those songs that is meant to be played at parties to get everyone excited to dance and sing the lyrics! The song is an uplifter and really does enhance overall moods! Here’s a challenge, listen to the song and try not to dance to it! 


“Hey Daddy” (Released 2010)

One of the most flirtatious songs by Usher ever, accompanied by its catchy beat! This flashback Friday really reminds us of how sexy Usher is! The song is almost inviting since he was really bringing sexy back! He shows viewers and listeners how sexual tension can really take us over! 


Check out Carpool Karaoke with Usher to jam out to some of the best throwbacks with James Corden and the legends greatest hits!  Hope you guys enjoyed todays flashback Friday! 

Sydney Geller | IG: @sydneyyyyy_g |

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