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Vic Mensa In Custody For Shrooms After A Trip To Ghana



Vic Mensa
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U.S. Customs Agents arrested rapper Vic Mensa upon his return from Africa for a stash of forbidden mushrooms. 

Last week, Mensa visited Ghana with Chance the Rapper and others to encourage tourism. He also met Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo-Addo, and shared the experience on his Twitter and Instagram.

“Pan-African Planning with the President,” he tweeted.

However, authorities stopped his peaceful return. On Jan. 15, Customs Agents at the Dulles International Airport checked the rapper a second time.

When they checked Mensa, the officers allegedly found a stash of mushrooms on him and arrested him on the spot. Authorities are still testing the substance, so it’s unknown if the rapper was carrying the mushrooms. Nevertheless, Mensa is in custody for felony narcotics possession.

Mushrooms, or Psilocybin, is a Schedule 1 substance under federal law. Some states are trying to legalize it, while some communities have decriminalized it. However, authorities arrested Mensa right outside of D.C., where it’s illegal.

Vic Mensa’s Past Arrest

This arrest isn’t the rapper’s first rodeo with the police.

In 2020, Mensa made an unsafe turn, and the California cops stopped him as a result. After a pat-down, the authorities found brass knuckles on the Chicago rapper. The fisticuff weapons are legal in most states because some people use them for self-defense. However, California banned them.

Like his mushroom arrest, the police held him for felony possession of brass knuckles. Mensa pled not guilty in his court case and posted a $20,000 bond for release. Luckily, law enforcement showed some leniency by not ticketing his unsafe turn.

Mensa has had two run-ins with the police because of his ignorance of state laws. However, it’s unknown if the rapper had mushrooms or another substance.

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Written by Anthony Jamal Bicy | Instagram | Twitter

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