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Who Is Chrisean Rock? Reason For Her Arrest



Who Is Chrisean Rock? Reason For Her Arrest
Image source: chriseanrockmusic/Instagram.

Police arrested Chrisean Malone, a.k.a Chrisean Rock, this Monday morning on Valentine’s Day.

According to the police’s statement, the musician is in custody for possession of crack cocaine. He’s also in jail for owning and concealing a stolen vehicle. Malone is now in the Craig County Jail in Vinita, Oklahoma.

Days Before: Blueface Reveals The Truth

On Feb.15, the rapper Blueface, through his Instagram, shared several posts exposing Chrisean Rock’s obsession with himself. After some messages with no answer, Blueface then sent her a message to stop the situation and make her understand.

“You’re only gonna cause more pain on your family,” he said. “I don’t think you fully understand the crimes you committed. You’re driving a stolen car with bad tags, and … you left your DNA at the crime scene.”

After the dispute between the two artists by text message without reaching any solution, Chrisean Rock went in custody. There is still no more information on the matter.

Who Is Chrisean Rock? 

Although her previous boyfriend, rapper Blueface, is known for his musical career, Rock’s career is not as talked about as much.

Chrisean Rock was born on March 14, 2000, in Baltimore. She’s the 11th of 12 children. Her childhood went through several family problems- while her father was in prison, her mother struggled with addiction. When she was 9, Rock became homeless.

The rough patches of her childhood would soon end during her adulthood. Chrisean Rock made it to college graduate with an associate’s degree in kinesiology and exercise science from California’s Santa Monica College in 2020.

In 2018, Rock discovered her love for social media and music. She opened her YouTube channel, sharing her life experiences through Vlogs with her followers.

Her most well-known music is “Vibe and World To My Brother” and “lonely,” featuring Blueface.

All these songs can be found on Spotify and Youtube.

Written by Darian Mozo

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