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Will Brittney Griner’s Injury Keep Her Off the Court



In a showcase against New York Liberty, Wednesday, August 25, Brittney Griner, center for Phoenix Mercury, suffered a lateral ankle sprain. According to news sources, the injury took her down.

So, the question becomes how severe is the damage, and will she be able to play in tonight’s game at Barclay’s center?

The Details

Brittney was in the house on Wednesday’s showcase. According to, “Star center Brittney Griner collected 26 points and nine rebounds.” However, in the final minutes of the game, she went down. She was reportedly going in for a rebound. As Yahoo news contributor Cassandra Negley writes, “Griner’s ankle appeared to go perpendicular to the court on the replay of the injury.” And the six-star WNBA star was in obvious pain as she was helped off the court.

Coaches Reaction

In a postgame zoom conference, Brittney’s coaches seemed calm and composed about the star player’s injury. According to Negley, Brittney’s head coach, Diana Taurasi, said this on the player’s injury.

“She’ll be fine. It’s a rolled ankle, and we got BG’s back.”

So will Brittney take her place on the court?

Currently, news outlets are reporting her return tonight is questionable. But, it is more likely that Brittney will not be able to perform tonight. Firstly, her level of injury has not been made public yet. And, according to, healing time is dependent on the level of injury. “…it takes between 3 to 4 weeks to heal a moderate ankle sprain and 3 to 6 months for a more severe injury to heal.”

Given that knowledge, it is highly possible that Brittney Griner will not be on the court with Phoenix Mercury tonight. Because there are no assurances to her healing time. But, hopefully, with proper rest, the eight-time Western Conference Player of the Week recipient will be back on the court working her magic in no time.

For a little more on Brittney Griner check out our retrospective article spotlighting her life off the court.

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