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Wiz Khalifa Partners with Genius for Virtual Concert



Wiz Khalifa Partners with Genius for Virtual Concert

In a time where everything seems to be canceled do to Covid-19, Wiz Khalifa has teamed up with the media annotation site, Genius, for a live, interactive virtual concert.

On Thursday, July 9th at 9:00pm Eastern time, the show will be available for free on YouTube Live, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, and the brand new Genius Live. Viewers will also have a few options to pay for some unique features. $10 allows you to appear in the live stream party, 100$ gets you a shoutout from Wiz himself, and $200 allows you to ask the ‘Hopeless Romantic’ artist a question.
This may seem like a turn off to most, but all of the proceeds are going to the Black Political Empowerment Project, which helps Philadelphia-based black citizens vote in every election. This is just another instance of good-hearted celebrities doing what they can to help those that are struggling in our current climate, and give fans a show they’ve been waiting for. 

In addition to this, Wiz Khalifa’s live set is completely determined by fans a day prior to the concert. On July 8th, at 2pm Eastern, Fans will have the opportunity to vote for the songs that will be played through Genius Live. 

You can sign up for the event here



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