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Women In Music Announce Additions: New Ambassadors and Advisory Board Members



Image source: Women In Music.

July 11 Women in Music proudly announced the newest additions to their organization. This year’s selectees are a group of esteemed women tapped to help carry the broader vision of female empowerment in the music industry. The announced leaders are exceptional individuals who will be positioned as either ambassadors or Advisory Board Members.

What Is Women In Music?

Women in Music is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed in 1985. It is an organization with a forward vision of empowerment., with the chief focus of being a pillar of support for women with pursuits in music. Their commitment is to,

“Advancing equality, visibility, and opportunities for women in the musical arts through education, support, empowerment, and recognition.”

And they accomplish this through targeted initiatives and programs such as leadership summits, webinars, seminars, workshops, achievement awards, and performance showcases.

Who Are The New Women In Music Additions?

The tapped additions include successful women positioned throughout the industry. These include professionals such as “record label executives, artist managers, songwriters, musicians, attorneys, recording engineers, agents, publicists, studio owners, music publishers, marketers, and more.” The newly appointed ambassadors include Rapsody, Faryal Khan-Thompson, Amy Davidman, Dina Marto, Adriana Arce, and a host of professionals as advisory board members.

Ambassador #1: Rapsody

Women In Music Announce Additions

Image source: The Garnette Report.

Rapsody is a seasoned hip-hop artist. She is a legend in the rap game, with a solidified presence lifting her to the status of an icon. Even more so, she is a consummate professional. She has amassed an unprecedented amount of respect for her trail-blazing efforts. And honor and achievement follow her. Rapsody has won multiple awards as a demonstration of her talent and work ethic. One of those esteemed efforts was being named as one of XXL’s 2014 greatest female rappers of all time.

Ambassador #2: Faryal Kahn-Thompson

Women In Music Announce Additions

Image source: TuneCore.

Faryal Khan-Thompson is a Senior Vice President of Marketing and Community Engagement. She is a talented businesswoman who has contributed her talents to TuneCore and, presently, Downtown Music Holdings.

Thompson’s expertise extends to international growth strategy, marketing, operations, partnerships, and more. She excels at what she does as an impassioned leader who is driven to “create a diverse music ecosystem and open the door to greater opportunities for women, specifically the BIPOC communities.” And now, she serves as one of the newly appointed ambassadors of WIM.

Ambassador #3: Amy Davidman

Women In Music Announce Additions

Image source: TBA.

Davidman is an established agent and also the co-founder of TBA (A new independent agency) representing such artists as Vittar, Barnett, Cain, Orion Sun, Girlpool, and Hurray For the Riff Raff. TBA is unlike any other agency in the market. It is a forward-looking agency where according to its Lookbook, “PRIDE IS Everyday,” and thus has received recognition from major industry platforms, such as Billboard, Pitchfork, and Variety.

There is no doubting Davidman is a powerful force earning significant honors, even apart from entrepreneurial endeavors. As a testament to Davidman’s fervor and passion, in 2021, 2022, and 2023, Davidman earned the distinction of making Billboard’s International Power Player list, a worthy achievement. And as a newly tapped ambassador of WIM, there is no doubt David will serve with heart and unbridled passion.

Ambassador #4: Dina Marto

Dina Marto

Image source: Zach Wolfe.

Marto is an exemplary individual with over two decades as a music executive under her belt, which is impressive. However, such is not uncommon for an entrepreneurial powerhouse with unparalleled business acumen. One of her notable undertakings was that of Twelve Music & Studios, founded in 2012, a standout offering. Twelve Music & Studios has been touted as,

“The South’s most sought-after creative environments to develop talent and produce Billboard-shattering hits,” and rightly so.

Marto’s experience in the music industry runs deep. Marto is noted to have contributed her talents in A&R at Island Def Jam, offering her expertise as coordinator for albums with artists such as Nas, Janet Jackson, LL Cool J, and Rick Ross. And she currently serves on TI’s management team. However, this is a small measure of Marto’s contributions. Marto has also taken an active role in spreading the Women in Music vision. In fact, they credit her with helping to launch the Women in Music Chapter in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ambassador #5: Adriana Arce

Adriana Arce

Image source: Women In Music.

Arce is another amazing woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. Currently, Arce is the Vice President at REBEL. However, Arce has performed in a leadership capacity for over a decade. According to WIM, she is noted to have managed talent artists Miley Cyrus and Lil Nas X. Such aligns with Arce’s passions. As an artist first, music has always been a driving force for Arce. Before stepping into an executive role, she was a musician, full-time artist, and performer.

But beyond her talent, her ambition and desire to be an agent of change is awe-inspiring. Her tenacious spirit and efforts in the industry earned her a spot on Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30. But what is truly amazing is even with such a luminary track record, Arce continues to push for the progress of others. As WIM notes, In Arce’s words,

“We still have so much further to go in providing more opportunities for women and minority people across entertainment. It’s not enough to hire.”

Women In Music: An Organization Worthy Of Highlight

Although established 38 years ago, Women In Music is an organization that continues to be a massive force of change, striving to service women across the globe from” Los Angeles to Japan.” In a world where many struggle to be heard or rise from obscurity, Women in Music puts action behind the belief “That the conversation around equality is an inclusive one, where all voices are welcome.” That is something everyone can get behind.

Where there are agents of change, there is always something to celebrate. And the Women of Music organization is one such force. So a big hip-hop salute to Women in Music.

Written by Renae Richardson

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