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Ye Forms Smear Campaign Against Pete Davidson



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Pete Davidson, comedian and boyfriend to Kim Kardashian, is now the primary Ye’s target. Ye’s goal is to get his family back. Over the past month, the artist utilized his music and social media to make that happen. While his cause is noteworthy, the methods are strange at the least.

Ye Fires The First Shot At Pete Davidson

Pete was first mentioned by Ye back in January in a leaked version of ‘My Life Was Never Easy’ featuring The Game. “God saved me from the crash so I could beat Pete Davidson’s ass,” Ye rapped.

While the line did stir up some controversy on social media, rap music often exaggerates for the sake of storytelling. As a result, not much action came from the bar. However, it is worth noting that Pete Davidson reportedly hired extra security upon hearing the song. According to a source close to Pete, the security increased due to rabid fans, not Ye.

Ye Declares War On Pete Davidson

Now, Ye is ready to take aim at the SNL star off the mic. He began with a handwritten note posted to his Instagram earlier in the week (Feb. 12). In the message, Ye says that Kid Cudi cannot work with him on the upcoming Donda 2 because of his connection to “you know who.”

Fans quickly connected the dots to Pete Davidson. Pete and Cudi have been close friends since the Staten Island star revealed in a 2016 Breakfast Club interview Cudi’s debut album “Man On The Moon” saved his life. This apparently doesn’t sit well with Ye, who signed Cudi to his label G.O.O.D music in 2008. Although Cudi is no longer on the record label, the two rappers have preserved a professional and personal relationship until recently. Clearly, Davidson’s romance with Kim is a big bump in the road.

Ye continued dissing Pete Davidson in the middle of an ensuing argument with Cudi. He posted a photo on Instagram of him, Timothee Chalamet, Cudi, and Pete Davidson during simpler times. Unsurprisingly, The ‘Good Life’ rapper made a critical edit: the red “X” mark over Pete’s face.

Things Get A Little Strange

The mocking endured into the night when Ye posted an edited photo of Marvel’s Civil War movie poster. The picture comedically puts Ye and Pete’s face over Iron Man and Captain America, symbolizing a fiery feud like in the 2016 film. Julia Fox, Future, and Travis Scott are photoshopped in on Ye’s side. Conversely, On Pete’s side, Cudi, Billie Eilish, and Taylor Swift are edited. The meme was captioned with a petty insult. “THE INTERNET HAS STILL NOT FOUND A DECENT PICTURE OF SKETE,” he typed.

Kanye West

credit: Instagram @theshaderoom

The ranting quickly devolved into confusing metaphors and nicknames. Earlier today (Feb. 13), Ye referred to Pete as “Hillary Clinton’s ex-boyfriend.” This was an allusion to a tattoo of Hilary Clinton Pete got back in 2017, which Ye also reposted later in the day.

credit: Instagram @theshaderoom

credit: Instagram @theshaderoom

From Strange To Stranger

Another post claimed Pete was attempting to “sell a narrative.” The baffling caption name-dropped Disney, The Daily Mail, Marvel, and Machine Gun Kelly.

credit: Instagram @theshaderoom

Ye then referred to Pete Davidson as “trash” and himself as “the garbage man” underneath a photo of a black screen. Charlemagne Tha God was tagged, possibly alluding to an upcoming interview. But honestly, who knows.

He then posted a series of pictures to defame Davidson. First, some gossip on his past relationship with Ariana Grande. Allegedly, Pete sent explicit photos to Mac Miller to deter the rapper from pursuing Ariana. This was captioned with “NO COMMENT.” Then, a screenshot of a text message sent by Davidson expressing he has no desire to come between Ye and his children was posted. The rapper captioned the photo: “NO, YOU WILL NEVER MEET MY CHILDREN.”

Another photo of Pete and rock artist Machine Gun Kelly was posted in their boxers. Finally, Ye finished this saga with a picture of himself and a note stating, “My account is not hacked.” In the caption, Ye offers SNL comedian Micheal Che double his salary to leave the comedy show “so you don’t have to look at that pawn ever again.”

credit: Instagram @theshaderoom

The Aftermath

After all the noise, neither Pete nor Kim have responded publicly. Ye’s claims mostly get unserious reactions from his own fan base. Overall, the erratic social media battle is odd, juvenile, and difficult to decipher.

Hopefully, Ye can get support around him in these tough times. Divorce is clearly hard for anyone, whether the average Joe or a multi-millionaire rap icon.


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