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Ye Is At The Center of a Battery Investigation For Throwing A Woman’s Phone



Ye Hitler Admiration Allegedly Took Place For Years
Ye. Image source: Stephane Cardinale, Getty Images.

Ye, formerly Kanye West, has been in the media non-stop lately. He has managed to stay relevant, whether it’s exposing the celebrity’s inner courts or his recent “secret” marriage. While many may have argued that his fall from grace would lead to him going into hiding, the opposite has happened.

Ye Is Fed Up

Some recent encounters the superstar has had yielded great conversations and advice to the fan or reporter recording. However, a young lady just experienced the wrath of a fed-up Ye. According to TMZ, a young woman recorded West while driving and ended up getting her phone thrown by the “Donda” rapper.

An aggravated Ye engages in a brief back and forth as he expresses discomfort with the cameras. The artist says, “If I wanna go see my son at a game, ya’ll ain’t gonna run up on me like that.” The woman states that she wasn’t running and implies his celebrity status is why he can be filmed. Ye then snatches her phone and tosses it. The entire account was captured by a passenger in the same vehicle.

Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene after the incident. Ye is now named a suspect in the now battery investigation.

Make Celebrities Human…Again?

It is arguable that recording comes with the celebrity’s territory. Fans come to Ye’s defense as he was seen more politely and logically, unlike in the rapper’s past encounters. West’s famous irrational behavior has been traded for a more somber tone. It is quite apparent that the issue wasn’t him being recorded but that he was with his children engaging in family activities. 

Nonetheless, this may be a cut-and-dry case of rules are rules. With the recording being used as evidence, speculation arises that Ye can be charged with battery.

Written by Antoinette Ford | Facebook: Antoinette Ford | Instagram: iamtonimonique_ | Twitter: @mizzford9

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