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Ye opens the 2023 Balenciaga’s Fashion Show in Paris



Kanye West
Kanye at the Balenciaga Fashion Show in Paris: Image Source: Getty.

Fashion house Balenciaga, known for its exquisite and cutting-edge shows highlighting its latest collections, tapped Ye for its 2023 display.

Ye’s Runway Debut

Some are defining Ye’s runway debut as surprising. While the artist is known to have a long-running partnership with the creative director of Balenciaga, a splash on the runway was not expected. However, Ye never melds into the background. And he was right at home in Paris,  at the Parc des Expositions in a signature piece.

Ye’s Ensemble A Slice of Dystopia

This year’s show was dystopian, replete with mud and slush, representing a post-apocalyptic landscape. When Demna, the creative director, sat to express the vision and powerful symbolism behind the earthy backdrop, he said,

“it is a metaphor for digging for the truth and being down to earth.”

For sure, one can say Ye’s piece was a fitting nod to that creative design. Kanye West was a force in his military-inspired ensemble. According to a source, he wore black leather pants paired with a hooded military-styled jacket adorned with a “security” patch and accented by a lidded cap.


A Multi-talent

By now most are more than aware that West is not merely a rap artist extolled for his musical genius. Kanye is a multi-talent. Ye is also a fashion maverick well navigating the fashion world. As Vogue notes, Kanye has hosted eleven fashion shows, and his most recent and fourth-ever show was conducted in Paris. Vogue  additionally notes,

“He held two pre-YZY shows in Paris under his own name in 2011 and 2012.”

This Much is True

Given Ye’s success in the fashion world as in music, one thing holds: Kanye always boldly makes his imprint. And what more can one expect from one who knows exactly who they are, their purpose, and where they’re going? And as it relates to fashion, In Kanye’s words,

“Specifically in this fashion context, I see myself more as a George Lucas than a fashion designer. I work with true, true, true fashion designers.”


Ye Is In a Different League

Without question, Kanye is in a league of his own. No matter what he’s doing, adding a creative touch to a track, developing a signature style for a design, or walking the runway, his presence looms larger than life. So a toast to Ye on killing it in his runway debut.

Written by Renae Richardson

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