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Ye Sits With Larry Hoover In Second Part Of His Drink Champs Episode



Source: YouTube

In the second part of Ye’s ‘Drink Champs‘ edition, he sat down with Larry Hoover to discuss Hoover’s experience of never seeing his father outside of prison. Ye also described his bipolar disorder while comparing other music artists to “cows” and himself to Vladimir Putin.

Larry Hoover on ‘Drink Champs’

“They told me when I graduate eighth grade, he would be home. Then they told me when I graduate from high school, he would be home. I went away to Morris Brown, I graduated, and he still ain’t home. Now I’m an adult, and my daughter went away to college and graduated. He still not home. Now even more than that, my son, he graduated eighth grade, and we still waitin’.”

Above is the part of Larry Hoover Jr.’s verse on Donda’s song ‘Jesus Lord.’ Hoover Jr. also shared his experiences of not contacting his father almost for his entire life. Hoover is 47 years old now. He has never seen his father, Larry Hoover, outside the maximum-security prison walls.

Hoover also thanked Ye for the effort to help his family. “It’s all because of Kanye… to give me the platform to speak on my father,” Hoover claimed.

Ye’s Mental Health

Ye also discussed his mental health issues. The rapper brought up various obstacles for his bipolar syndrome. He talked about medication, dealing with anger, and searching for routine adjustments to better the mental state.

Ye also listed various controversial things he committed. He then described them as examples of situations where people try to degrade Ye by saying, “you’re crazy.” However…

“I could do all these things… and I’m a tell you like this, for Britney Spears for anybody… okay, ‘I’m crazy, but what ya’ll gonna do about it?'”

“Cows” Musicians vs “Vladimir Putin” Ye

While bringing up serious issues, Ye also went to compare other musicians to “cows.” Just like the farm animals, the artists are marching towards the music industry slaughter. At least, according to Ye.

While “cows” march, Ye..leads? The rapper somehow managed to compare himself to Vladimir Putin. “I’m like Young Putin,” Kanye said, “I used to say I was Young Vladimir until I realized I was Vladimir. You know the moment when I realized it was? When I realized culture is an oil, culture is energy. And I’m the king of culture, for the past 20 and the next 2,000 years.”

Kremlin’s private media conglomerate, which might as well be a boot cleaning service, already noted Kanye’s words. They complimented the rapper, and claimed that Ye “praised” the Russian president, apparently.

Watch Ye’s ‘Drink Champs’ edition below

Written by Nikita Serdiuk

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