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YK Osiris Offers $60k Reward For His Lost $350k Earrings



YK Osiris offers $60k reward for anyone who finds his earring. Image: Getty Images

YK Osiris receives laughs and fake offers as he reveals the loss of $350k earrings. Just this past November, YK Osiris was criticized for purchasing an expensive jewelry set. Well, those who pointed out Osiris’s “poor” investment are having a good laugh now. He shared the unfortunate information via his Instagram live.

While he holds out hope his jewelry will make it back to his ear, fans are all about the jokes. With his notable hefty reward, you can’t deny the math isn’t matching.

Your “Clown” Is Showing

Surprisingly, fellow wealthy subordinates were baffled by YK’s extravagant purchase. Uniquely, celebrities are known for their pricey buys, so it was shocking to see the backlash he received.

2021 has brought questions to how much money YK has. Osiris had to defend his custom-made Gucci outfit against trolls in January. 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, and Meek Mill accused Osiris of buying fake Gucci on social media. Turned out, it was all jokes and love in the community.

YK Osiris Outfit from January 6, 2021 | WHAT'S ON THE STAR?

YK Osiris struts in his custom made Gucci outfit made by Exclusive Gang

The late Virgil Abloh gifted Osiris a Louis Vuitton jacket to soften the blows he received. In the same fashion, Virgil meant this gift to teach that something good can come out of a bad situation.

Virgil Abloh Gifts YK Osiris With Louis Vuitton Jacket - FM HIP HOP

Photo: TheShaderoom Instagram

Will YK Osiris Learn His Lesson?

Osiris has been the industry’s laughing stock lately, but he also brings laughter through his playful banter. While many have opinionated comments to share, he knows he will always prevail. Rather than sweat the small things, maybe he will buy those Claire’s earrings.
His “Ocho-coco” jokes may need revision as he now hopes to find his lost earring.

Written by Antoinette Ford

A southern charmer from Georgia who loves hip hop culture and the change it brings to the world. I want to capture what lies beneath the surface of every action and lyric and express it through the eyes of the originator.

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