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“Young Love” Starring Kid Cudi and Issa Rae Is A Must-see



Young Love
Young Love. Image Source: HBO Max

When discussions revolve around cinematic treasures, they typically encompass genres such as dramas, comedies, horror films, and love stories. Animation, however, is rarely included in this discourse. However, Kid Cudi and Issa Rae will soon star in an animated feature that will make its mark as a cultural treasure.

Basics of “Young Love”

“Young Love” is an upcoming animated feature soon to premiere on Max. This original creation draws its inspiration from the  work of Matthew Cherry, the author of the award-winning short film “Hair Love.”

The film tells a poignant tale centered around themes of love, caregiving, family, and the celebration of one’s authentic cultural heritage. Blexmedia aptly describes it as a heartfelt and humor-laden exploration of the experiences of African-American Millennial parents as they navigate the complexities of parenthood and life’s challenges.

Kid Cudi and Issa Rae Bring the Story to Life

The main characters are Stephen Love and Angela Young. Both are parents to a charming young beauty, Zuri. Angela (Issa Rae), is a cancer survivor and a hairstylist, and Love (Kid Cudi), is a struggling musician with dreams of stardom. They are a millennial family living in Chi-town. Together, they are working to make it work. It’s a lovely addition to the cultural vault and something seldom seen.

The Voices of Young Love

Kid Cudi and Issa Rae will be joined by a remarkable ensemble of seasoned professionals poised to create an unforgettable cinematic experience. Among the individuals committed to bringing this project to life are Loretta Divine, Tamar Braxton, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Brooke Monroe Conaway, and Debra Wilson. Coupled with star power and a heartwarming narrative, “Young Love” is undoubtedly set for tremendous success.

Young Love Soon to Arrive

The good news is that the wait for “Young Love” won’t be much longer. The feature will debut on September 21st. And Matthew Cherry is eagerly looking forward to expanding his work. As he expressed in a 2020 interview,

“I am thrilled to continue sharing the journey of Stephen, Angela, and Zuri and explore the dynamics of this young Black millennial family in greater depth.”

Cherry’s cheerful impact is apparent, Stylsit reported that upon the release of the short film on December 5th, it garnered an impressive 10 million views in its first month. With the upcoming feature series, it is likely to make an even bigger splash


Representation does truly matter. So much love and applause to Cherry and the production partners bringing this film into our homes. And hopefully, there will be many more such as this to follow.

Written by: Renae Richardson

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