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Young Thug Steps Up And Offers Help To Africans Amid Ukrainian Crisis



War is hell, and the effects are indiscriminate. Yesterday, amid the escalating conflict and racist overtures against a people, Young Thug stepped up.

Young Thugs Response

Young Thug made a brilliant show of action and compassion yesterday, proclaiming he is ready to help Africans get out of Ukraine in any way possible.

In his social media post, the rap artist said,

“If any of my rap brothers are in, I’m willing to help African’s get out of the Ukraine.”

Without a doubt, these words are a balm to those in distress. However, words require action and the current situation is not to be taken lightly.

Ukrainian Conflict: a Study in Humanity

The headlines speak of countries embroiled in war and those caught in the crossfire. Tragically, the innocent always suffer as we have seen play out so many times. And unfortunately, the death toll in conjunction with the crisis is indicative of this point. The latest development concludes,

“Ukrainian authorities say at least 44 people have been wounded in fighting in Ukraine’s second-largest city of Kharkiv, and that seven of them died in hospitals.”

People are in a scramble for their lives. War has no respect for a person, gender, or nationality but, sadly, even in times of conflict, some of humanity’s ugliest characteristics rear its head.

The Events Which Influenced Young Thug

As masses scramble to evacuate, onlookers from various nations have been privy to scenes of blatant racial discrimination. And it is heartbreaking.

Ben Crump reported how African Students who found their home in Ukraine to advance their studies are left to fend for themselves. While other images caught on film show us Africans at the mercy of Ukrainians desperate to make their exit.

No one can deny the tragic nature of these events. Sadly this invokes memories reminiscent of the movie Titanic where desperate men push women out of the way to run to safety. Only this time, Africans are left at the depot while some Ukrainians strip themselves of their  last shred of humanity. Surely, war reveals both heroes and beasts.

Young Thug as a leader

True leaders take a stand and help from whatever place they occupy. Young Thug has taken the opportunity to show the world who he is and what he stands for. Immediately after his posting, Strick, a known collaborator of Thug, offered his support. Strick held nothing back,

This needs to be Shared more! I’m with your slime!” he wrote in an Instagram Story while sharing Thugga’s original post. “Proud of you, brother. Always been a true leader!

So today, we applaud Young Thug for stepping up and throwing out the gauntlet. Hopefully, more of those in the hip-hop community will join the effort. Hip-hop is an infrangible force forged out of struggle. Young Thug’s actions reflect an individual who carries hip hop not only on his lips but also in his walk.

FM Hip Hop will follow the story and keep you informed of new developments as they arise.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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