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Yung Miami And Megan Thee Stallion Discuss Bisexuality On ‘Caresha Please’



Yung Miami Megan Thee Stallion Caresha Please
Source: Yung Miami/Instagram

Florida rapper Yung Miami recently discussed bisexuality with Megan Thee Stallion via her Revolt podcast Caresha Please.

According to reports, Miami and Megan candidly talked about their love for women despite liking men.

“You like girls?” Miami bluntly asked Megan. 

“I mean, I like what I like,” the Traumazine rapper said before adding, “I like you.” 

Miami then boldly asked if Meg would have sex with her, making them both burst into laughter simultaneously.

“You do? You would f**k me?” she inquired.

Megan gleefully responded, “Yeah, I would.”

As the conversation continued, she revealed she’d be the one on top. 

Miami said she’s classy and desired to go on a dinner date with the Houston native. They also confessed that they wanted to kiss each other and were dating. 

During the interview Megan went into detail about what sex with her would be like.

“It’s triple-X, b**ch. X-rated,” she said. “Like the old school porn, too. Noises. Ebony porn, b**ch.”

While on the topic of sex, she then asked Miami what type of porn she was into. To that, the Florida native said she was into lesbian action. 

“I feel like that’s how I always knew I was bisexual … I feel like [women] know how to please each other.” 

She added that she believed sex with women is better than sex with males. 

“I don’t know, I just really enjoy having sex with a girl. I feel like it’s so personal … pleasing. We just having fun. We’re not in our head about it.”

Both Meg and Miami agreed that men expect women to be porn stars in the bedroom. However, Megan noted that she doesn’t any of the performative stuff during sex. 

 “You not about to look like that man in that video. So b**ch, don’t you ever put no expectation on me…Comfortable sex is the best sex.”

Written by Amber Alexander

Twitter: Ambernofetari

Amber Nofetari Alexander is an Associate Editor and Social Media Editor for FM Hip Hop. She's originally from Brooklyn, NYC with a knack for Black culture, music, women's issues, and fashion. She's also a social media junkie and avid jewelry collector. Amber's work has also been published on The Fader, Sister 2 Sister, and News Onyx.

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