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FM Spotlight: Zelly Ocho And His Vivid Music Style



Zelly Ocho And His Vivid Music Style
Courtesy of Zelly Ocho.

If you had to describe Zelly Ocho’s music style in one word, it would probably be “easy-going.” Zelly’s over-the-top autotune, minimalistic instrumentals, and trippy music videos create an overall colorful vibe, which one can also see in the “Duces” music video.


“Duces” came out a couple of months ago. 

In the video, Zelly Ocho smokes on top of the car, hangs out near sculptures and hotel entrances, and seems to enjoy life in a moment overall. Various visual effects only add up, helping one to feel the mood of the whole composition.

What’s particularly interesting about the colorfulness of “Duces” is that the clip takes place at night. Still, it doesn’t make the composition any blank, presenting a vivid picture of Zelly Ocho’s surroundings.

The song itself talks about Zelly Ocho’s plans, lifestyle, and successes

“Yeah, I’m tryna do a show, show, show

If I talk, that’s a check, for sure.”

Zelly also mentions his “very loyal and determined” motto, something the artist and his movement stand for.

“I’m not famous; I’m VLAD.”

“On The Radar” 

Another excellent example of Zelly Ocho’s music is his “On The Radar” freestyle. 

Also very positive and artistic, the track describes Zelly’s successful and crazy life with its positives and negatives.

“Yeah, we counting that money like literally.

Geeked up, fucked up my memory

I remember they remember me

Money got long like a centipede

I’m at the trap rocking Givenchy, yeah, yeah.”

What’s particularly interesting is that Zelly describes the negatives of his lifestyle, such as “fucking up” memory due to “geeking” too much, but still does it playfully.

In Conclusion

Zelly Ocho has an exciting music style. It creates a certain mood, giving the listener a vivid picture of the composition. This mood especially works with music videos, allowing one to picture a little song’s universe in the head. 

Overall, Zelly Ocho is an artist one should pay attention to. His imaginative music style is engaging, while the easy-going songs will significantly add to your everyday playlist.

Written By: Nikita Serdiuk | IG: @nikitasrdk | Twitter: @nktserdiuk

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