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5 Rappers Who Passed On Hit Beats



Pusha T performs on The Jimmy Fallon Show. Photo: Getty Images

Legendary producer Young Guru recently discussed how Memphis Bleek passed on Black Rob’s hit single, “Woah”.  There have been plenty of rappers who have passed over beats that eventually became hit records. Here are five rappers that passed over beats that became hits!

Pusha T and “Niggas in Paris”

The anthem for the infamous Watch the Throne album could’ve sounded differently.  The Grammy award-winning song could’ve been in Pusha T’s catalog.  Hit-Boy made the beat and then sent it to Kanye.  Kanye turned around and send it to Pusha.  The Virginia rapper wasn’t feeling the beat because it sounded like a video game to him.  This song turned out to be the best rap song and best rap performance of that year.  Kanye insisted that Pusha get on it because it was going to be a hit in the club.  At the time, Pusha says he wasn’t into that.  He was more into gritty, tough, street records.

Diddy and “0-100”

In 2015, Diddy and Drake got into a little scuffle outside of LIV nightclub.  It was over Drake’s hit song, “0 to 100”.  Diddy wanted Drake to ghostwrite over the Boi-1da beat.  They both had the beat at the same time.  It was planned that Drake was going to write the record for Diddy, but it was taking too long.  So, Drake wrote and recorded his own version.  Diddy didn’t take that too kindly which led to him punching the Champagne Papi.  Good thing, they have put things behind them.

Ghostface Killah and “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Just Blaze, legendary engineer, and producer, discussed Jay-Z’s hit off The Blueprint.  He says “Girls, Girls, Girls” was originally made for Ghostface Killah.  In fact, that was what the beat was called in his Protools, “Ghostface”.  Kanye was also involved with this beat as he praised Ghostface Killah’s rap career.  Kanye and Just Blaze loved Ghostface just like everyone else as they made beats inspired from Ghostface’s albums.  Just Blaze hoped to give it to Ghostface one day, but he played it for Jay-Z one day and he instantly wanted to record over it.  It became a hit record, and years later Just Blaze admitted to Ghostface about the “Girls, Girls, Girls” beat and he replied that he knew that beat was meant for him.

Fat Joe and “Candy Shop”

50 Cent might have to thank Fat Joe for one of his biggest hits.  Producer Scott Storch gave Fat Joe, the “Candy Shop” beat before it was in 50 Cent’s hands.  At the time, the Bronx rapper just released his hit single, “Lean Back” and did not want to do a similar song.  50 Cent heard the beat and Fat Joe told Scott Storch to let him have it.  In fact, this beat was made while Fat Joe was in the studio with Storch.  Fat Joe has credited himself with being a producer on the track alongside Storch.  His song “My Fofo” is sampled on it as he helped put the intro and sounds together.  Scott Storch and Fat Joe’s wife recognized that the record would be a hit.  Fat Joe disagreed and eight months later, “Candy Shop” was all-over hip-hop radio.

The Notorious B.I.G. and “Doin’ It”

The Notorious B.I.G. almost had another big hit under his belt.  Producer Rashad Smith produced the “Doin It” beat with the Brooklyn rapper in mind.  In fact, there’s a sample in the beginning of the song that goes “Go Brooklyn”.  This was going to be the first single for the “Life After Death” album, but unfortunately never happened.  Money was the main issue as Diddy at the time only wanted to pay $10k for the beat.  Meanwhile, Queens rapper LL Cool J heard the beat and was willing to pay $25k for it!  Let’s just say Diddy nor Biggie was too happy when LL got the beat.

Written by: Brandon Simmons

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