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50 Cent Is Adding A Live-Action Comic Adaptation to His Portfolio




When 50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson, is in his bag, he is unstoppable.

Jackson, also known as Fifty, is a walking example of what a little creativity, grit, and ingenuity can do. A few days ago, mass media headlines read,

“50 Cent optioned Christopher Price’s Xerø for development alongside Color Farm Media as a live-action film for DC comics.”

This move is as incredible as it is unbelievable. So, at this point, the question becomes, is there anything Jackson can’t do!

Jackson The Expert Juggler

Undoubtedly, Curtis Jackson is a man of many hats and can flip them at the drop of a dime. The Get Rich or Die Trying performer is fully immersed in the entertainment industry. First, Jackson created an entire world around his hit original Power! Then, he branched out to other networks with significant projects in the works or slated to premiere at later dates. Now Jackson takes his panache into another realm, blending comic and cinematic magic. That is dope, hands down.

Jackson Steps onto new frontiers

Fifty is partnering with Color Farm Media and Joseph Illiedge to bring Christopher Priest’s Xero to life. While the upcoming film is an adaptation of a Priest comic rendering, for DC Comics, they will have no involvement in the movie. As a source notes,

While Xerø originated as a DC Comics property, rights to the series reverted to Priest in 2008, so the Warner Bros. subsidiary will not be involved with the project.

That’s perfectly okay because the hero’s originator, the legendary and trail-blazing creator Christopher Priest is on the scene.


The collaborative believes this is the best time to bring Xero to the masses. Illidge, who is part of the production collaborative, said this of Xero’s introduction,

“Xerø is the perfect action hero for our times in a story of equal parts James Bond and James Baldwin.”

That sounds massive. Remarkably we’re talking about the embodiment of two heroes from diverse existences into one bad a** package.

The Team on Xero

The team’s consensus is this project has all the elements of success. Not only is Xero built for our times, but the team has the depth to tell a powerful story. In the words of Erika Alexander,

“Priest is a master storyteller. Xerø is a powerful project, and we’re thrilled to partner with Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson’s G-Unit Film & Television, the pre-eminent power players.”

There’s reportedly a possibility of a franchise on the table, so congratulations to Fifty. He is a legend in his right, proving project by project, hard work pays off, and there is something supernatural about boundless creativity.

No further production details for Xero are available. However, as more information is made public, FM Hip Hop will cover it.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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