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65th Annual Grammys Award Show Rebounds In Viewership



A Grammy statue at the 65th annual Grammy Awards. Image Source: Jae C. Hong/Jae C. Hong/Invision/AP

The Grammys came back with a vengeance. The controversial awards show reportedly put up the best ratings in three years. The streaming service Paramount+ says this year’s show was the platform’s biggest live-streaming audience ever.

An Estimated 12.4 Million Watched The Show

An audience of an estimated 12.4 million watched the star-studded show with performances by artists such as Lizzo and DJ Khaled. That is a big bump up after a few years of award shows trying to find their place during the pandemic.

Plus, controversy has seemed to follow the show for years with stars like The Weeknd and Nicki Minaj calling the organization out. Many have complained about the lack of racial diversity and gender on the winner’s list as well.

Lizzo performing at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. Image Source: CHRISTOPHER POLK/VARIETY

Viewership During Pandemic Years

In 2021, live viewership was 8.8 million and last year it was 8.9 million. This is according to Nielsen ratings. It is great news for the Grammys, but the ratings are still not at pre-COVID levels. In 2020, 18.7 million people watched the show.

The Grammys is allegedly the most watched network primetime program this season, if you don’t include sports. Pro football seems to be the only television event that has survived the decline in live viewership over the past few years.

A Chance Viewership Can Slightly Increase?

There is a chance the viewership number can increase slightly when delayed viewing is counted later. The Hollywood Reporter should have final ratings on Tuesday morning. It will give a better idea of the CBS and Paramount+ breakdown.

65th Annual Grammy Awards Interesting Moments

The significant increase in views may have had to do with the huge and interesting moments that took place. Trevor Noah hosted the 2023 awards show at the Arena in Los Angeles, California.

It looks like Beyonce is not only queen of the hive, but now of the Grammys too. Queen Bey is now the all-time awards champ of the Recording Industry Association of America. The Houston native has 32 Grammys as of February 5, 2023.

However, there was an uproar for her loosing to Harry Styles for album of the year and his comment in the speech. On top of that, uproar also occurred in her speech dedicating ‘Renaissance’ to the queer community.

Also, hip-hop was celebrated last night in the 50th anniversary tribute. It was seen as a huge highlight of the show, which included hip-hop royalty like Salt-N-Pepa, Queen Latifah and Busta Rhymes.

A heartfelt tribute by Quavo and Maverick City Music honored the late Takeoff. It was a mashup of “Without You” and “See You Again.” But those on Twitter never miss a beat as they caught celebrities who have recently died — such as Aaron Carter, Traci Braxton and Gangsta Boo — omitted from the tribute.

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