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6ix9ine’s Ex Manager Shotti Says He’s Broke, Can’t Afford A Lawyer



Kifano “Shotti” Jordan, the ex-manager for rapper 6ix9ine, has been granted new counsel after it was revealed that Shotti is down to his last $1,200.

Court documents show that Shotti was in need of counsel, and is without financial means. Hence, the 39-year old requested new legal counsel on Wednesday (October 20). A New York judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals granted it the following day.

The motion filed stated that new counsel is necessary, in part to “aid in presenting issues”.  Additionally, the request also invoked the CJA- Criminal Justice Act. In short, this act allows for legal representation to be available to those who are “financially unavailable”. Seeing as how Shotti is in dire financial straits, this more than applies to him. Providing legal representation to Shotti will be Jamesa J. Drake, of Drake Law, LLC.

Shotti, ex-6ix9ine manager, reportedly broke, given new legal counsel

Mugshot of Kifano “Shotti” Jordan, 2019. Government Exhibit 8/ Courtesy of NY Post

The Shotti Situation

Indeed, the court documents paint a bleak picture for the ex-manager. That $1,200 accounts for “cash on hand or money in savings or checking accounts”, per a financial affidavit for appointment of new counsel. What’s more, the “last employment” for Shotti is August 2021. Granted that’s employment. As far as income goes, the documents reveal that he has not had any income for the entirety of 2021.

Making things all the worse for Shotti is pandemic isolation. Following health restrictions imposed by FCI Allenwood Medium in which he is held, Shotti claims that his work on the appeals process has become very difficult. In fact, he allegedly “sought the help of a fellow inmate” to research and prepare his case.

In the high profile “Trial of The Nine Trey Gangsters”, the Brooklyn rapper-manager plead guilty, and was handed a 15-year sentence in September 2019. Among the charges were multiple felony assaults, drug and firearms charges. Shotti began the appeals process soon after his imprisonment.

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