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The 85 South Show Invites Jack Harlow



The 85 South Show Invites Jack Harlow
Clayton English, Chico Bean, DC Young Fly, Jack Harlow, Karlous Miller/ Credit: YouTube- the 85 South Show

Jack Harlow is constantly boosting up his public image. He does the interviews that the fans want to see. Jack has doubled his interview appearances following the release of his second album. He also stopped by the 85 South Show for a hilarious conversation two days ago.

85 South Show

The 85 South Show, a.k.a. The Trap, is a podcast hosted by Karlous Miller, DC Young Fly, Chico Bean, and Clayton English. Jack Harlow felt relaxed and comfortable in The Trap. The episode starts with Harlow and DC Young Fly talking about each other’s shirt sizes being too small.

The conversation then was focused on the Kentucky Derby. Jack Harlow also spoke about how he lost money at the derby betting on horses with Drake, and DC admits that Drake owes him money. The laid-back atmosphere of the 85 South Show allows the conversations to lead themselves.


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Harlow’s Freestyle

The show officially gets started with a Jack Harlow introduction by Karlous Miller and rap cipher. Most of the time, guests sit back and enjoy the rapping by the host, but Jack jumps in with his own bars.

“What? You want to hear some rhymes? They trying to say I’m with the slimes. Boy, I’m not with the slimes. I’m on my own motherf**king time. So let’s just do this interview, and imma sit back and play it cool. So let’s catch a vibe DC fly, and they gone see why I’m that guy.”- Jack Harlow (85 South Show)

Jack Harlow had spitted his bars, and then The Trap went crazy. Everyone within earshot also loved every word Jack said.


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Jack Gets Comfortable At The 85 South Show

We also learn about Jack’s obsession with Fergie and how she might be on the “First Class” remix throughout the interview. Also, it turns out that Jack Harlow would like to work with Petey Pablo and André 3000, but this could have been Jack just joking around.

The “First Class” rapper discusses an upcoming tour with City Girls. Harlow briefly mentions his starring role in the remake of the “White Men Can’t Jump” movie and how the part in the film came to him. Jack talks about growing up in Kentucky, being white in the hip-hop game, working with his idols, hearing rap for the first time, and dealing with fame during the interview. The interview contains exciting information about the rapper who has quickly reached rock star status.


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Check out the full interview on the 85 South Show app or YouTube channel.

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