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ABC Special Celebrates The Intersection Of 50 Years Of Hip-Hop, Black History Month, And Juneteenth



Hip-Hop @ 50: Rhythms, Rhymes & Reflections
Hip-Hop @ 50: Rhythms, Rhymes & Reflections. Image source: ABC, Michael Le Brecht II.

ABC will launch a unique special on Monday, Jun 19 at 10 pm (EDT). The offering will celebrate the intersection of Juneteenth, Black History Month, and Half-a Century of Hip-Hop. And what is in store is a program not to be missed.

Hip-Hop: The Heart And Soul Of A People


Hip-Hop. Image source: Stevie Remsberg.

Hip-Hop is multi-dimensional. Hip-Hop is a source element with the transformative power to catalyze evolution. At a cellular level, it is a living organism, the heart, and soul of a collective. Each piece and every release is a testament of a people written to a people by artists who use their life experiences, an enmeshing of joy, pain, success, and struggle.

Hip-Hop is also a bookmark, a marker of time and progress measured via the narratives inscribed in lyrics buoyed by rhythm. Despite the definition one uses or who defines it, Hip-Hop simply is and remains, a solid yet ever-expanding fixture, as evidenced by a half-century of impact.

Progress Marked Through Observance and Celebration


Juneteenth: Image source: DoDEA.

While the impact of Hip-hop has not always been recognized, times are changing. And it is the national movement in recent years to recognize the liberation of a people and their artistic expression through music in nationwide observance and celebration that has defined overall progress. And rightly so.

The significance of Black Music and hip-hop, which falls under its umbrella, is indefinable in terms of reach historically, emotionally, globally, etc… Black music and Hip-hop have deep roots reaching back and stretching forward simultaneously.

2023 Celebration: Juneteenth, Black Music Month, and 50 Years of Hip-Hop

This year is unique, as this year marks a monumental chapter in Hip-Hop history. ABC is joining in the observance with a special helmed by executive producers Catherine McKenzie and Angie Martinez, who also serves as host. According to Martinez,

“It’s been a privilege to witness this international phenomenon from its inception and live through its constant evolution. This ABC News special will reflect on hip hop’s growth and cultural effects over the past 50 years.”

That’s something extraordinary.

Specifics of the Hip-Hop Special

Hip-Hop @ 50: Rhythms, Rhymes & Reflections

Hip-Hop @ 50: Rhythms, Rhymes & Reflections Image source: ABC, Michael Le Brecht II.

“Hip-Hop @ 50: Rhythms, Rhymes & Reflections” is an hour-long presentation, a celebration of ABC Studios’ Emmy® and GLAAD Award-winning series “Soul of a Nation.” As ABC notes, it will be sixty minutes of rich content featuring four round-table discussions. Select panelists representing a breadth of industry talent from artists to change makers will lead the discussion.

Some of those guests will include Master P., Fat Joe, Mc Lyte, The Lox, Coi Leray, and E-40, Charlemagne Da God( host and personality), Wes Jackson (activist), Shari Bryant (Roc Nation), June Ambrose (Puma) and many, many more. Additionally, the discussion will touch on issues pertinent to the community, which include financial literacy, social justice, mental health, and Women’s empowerment.

A Fitting Way to Celebrate

Communities around the nation are gearing up for the observance of Juneteenth. So for those looking for a special way to commemorate the day and celebrate Hip-Hop’s 50th, look no further. Tune in to ABC on June 19th and Hulu on June 20th to catch “Hip-Hop @ 50: Rhythms, Rhymes & Reflections”

Written by Renae Richardson

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