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Andre 3000 Issues Statement Regarding the Leaked Song “Life of The Party” with Kanye



Andre 3000 issues statement

It’s not often we get to hear from the nomadic legend and arguably one of the best MCs in the rap game. Mr. Andre 3000, who is rarely spotted out in the public eye, the last we saw of him he was in a random town playing the flute blending in with civilians not trying to be seen at all. One thing he always does is gift us with a feature like we’ve never heard before. This time we finally caught a glimpse of him on an unreleased track on Kanye West’s 10th studio album Donda, which by our surprise never made it to the final album cut.

Drake leaks unreleased Kanye x Andre 3000 track

Somehow the track got in the hands of Drake himself, Kanye West’s camp suspects there is a mole, or someone on his team paid someone off to send the track to Drake. Either way, Drake released the track on Sirius XM radio blasting the internet and we can’t get enough of hearing Andre 3000 come to life.

Andre wanted no part of the beef

Though the track was beautiful and filled with so much emotion, Mr. 3000 had no intention of being part of the 3-year brewing feud between Drake and Kanye West. He issued a statement explaining his distaste for how the track release went down.

“The track I received and write to didn’t have the diss verse on it and we were hoping to make a more focused offering for the Donda album, but I guess things happen like they are supposed to.” Andre expresses his gratitude for both artists and she’s his desire to work not only with Kanye and Drake but with Lil Baby, Tyler, and Jay-Z as well. Initially, Kanye reached out to Andre for the track placement that shared similar grief in pain seeing how both lost their mothers to heart conditions. Kanye’s mother passed in 2017 and Andre’s mother passed in 2013 (per Peoples).

If you have not had a chance to hear the song snippet, check it out here. Tell us in the comments what you think about the situation. Should Drake have released Kanye’s song? Is Kanye wring for recruiting Andre for a diss track?


Written By Christian McBride

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